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Searching for some new Krieg Climbing Gear? We've got you covered with chalk bags by Krieg for your next climbing adventure! Founded in 1996 by elite cyclist and climber, Sam Krieg, Krieg Climbing and Cycling has produced practical and stylish bags for 18 years running. Propelled by a simple concept to provide a bit of energy and color to otherwise bland industry staples, Krieg bags imbue your outdoor adventures with personality and style.

About Krieg

Aside from offering bright motifs that accentuate your experience, Krieg Climbing and Cycling produce durable and functional bags that are meticulously handcrafted to assure maximum performance. Every Krieg product is guaranteed to last, and Sam will personally field any questions or concerns you have regarding his products. A mad scientist with a sewing machine and a needle and thread, Mr. Krieg personally tests every design, for he too is an adventurer like you.

Not only will Krieg products thrill you with their originality and durability, but Krieg products subtly promote the ideas of community and sustainability. Made with locally sourced material, Krieg bags are made in the USA, specifically in his workshop in Idaho. Understanding that local businesses are key to his business’s success, Krieg makes it easier for your local shop to stock his merchandise and actually encourages you to “buy local” on his own website.

Unlike most small start-ups, Krieg Climbing and Cycling was started on a whim. Rather than seeking new technology or aggressively marketing a brand, Krieg’s chalk bags and saddle bags were created to match the exuberance and mystery inherent in any adventure. Scrolling you through his abundance of bags, you’ll find tributes to pop culture as well as simple plaid motifs. Your future chalk bag could feature Star Wars or Family Guy, and if that’s not your thing, consider pastoral scenes like dairy cows grazing in a sunlit pasture. You can even select an “individual fabric” if you want to customize your experience and curate your adventure with maximum personality.

Why settle for generic bags made in some far off country that boast performance and durability? With Krieg Climbing and Cycling Bags, you can converse with the creator himself to obtain a product with proven durability. Feel confident and proud to support an American entrepreneur who understands the value of personality and personal relationships. No longer must your chalk bag hang sadly from your pack. Bottle that creative spirit which made you a climber or biker in the first place. Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments with a one-of-a-kind bag from Krieg Climbing and Cycling.

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