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Korkers has been the business of providing rugged footwear for your running, hiking, climbing and fishing needs for over fifty years. The origin of Korkers was inspired by the Rogue River near Grants Pass, Oregon. It was there that the Korkers “River Cleats” were created in the basement of Sherman Smith, the founder of Korkers. He made these river cleats by hand, using strap rubber, nylon cord and carbide spikes. These cleats quickly became one of the favorites among fisherman who were continuously slipping or falling from silted river rock.

About Korkers

Starting with a traction device for fisherman and then developing traction devices f12+or other applications in various sporting situations, Korkers continues to offer innovative and creative solutions for the needs of the explorer who boldly goes into the challenging slippery places for work and play.

Korkers products range spreads over winter sport, multi-sport activities and work related situations. For sure footed traction on packed snow and ice, for standing, walking or running the Korkers Ultra Ice cleats provides the ultimate in customized fit cleat to use with a trail shoe or boot. This cleat is equipped with sixteen ice biting steel studs placed under the toe, heel and ball of your foot for the crucial traction that keeps you out of harm’s way. This adjustable one-size fit all comes with an easy to use waterproof storage container. The Korkers Ice Traction technology is imperative for keeping you upright and in control. When in the mountains or on a frozen lake, control keeps the experience safe and Korkers is there as your guardian.

Korkers’ patented adaptable traction system is used across a number of terrains and for various purposes. In the multi-sport world of kayaking, river walking, rafting and all activities near the mossy rocks, slimy bounders and slick logs, Korkers studded rubber and felt soles are there to help. These soles are durable and provide superior grip. With a slightly different design, the Svelte series uses the Korkers OmniTrax™ Interchangeable sole system, which adapts your traction system for each unique river system. These shoes have a quick Cinch™ lace system and drainable open net mesh for breathability and comfort. This line of shoes is ideal for all sports either in the water or near it.

Korkers provides for the work in addition to the sports environment. The WorkTrax Plus is based on the early Korkers cleat design and has the fifty-eight push through steel spikes per pair. This is a lot of spikes per cleat that are there to do the job right. These worker cleats are great for providing protection and slip resistance in the heavy work environment. The user has the option to include “Regular” Steel Spikes for shallow penetration or “Sharp” Steel Spikes for deeper penetration into wood or ice.

From Korkers simple beginnings in the basement of its founder, the company has gone and evolved with the demands of life and technology of materials. Korkers is there to provide you the best in safety.

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