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About Klymit

While other companies peddle trendy designs and wait for the next innovation to arrive, Klymit toils in their laboratory of endless possibility and eventually debuts new technologies that shock and awe the outdoor enthusiast. A hybrid amalgam of Davy Crocketts and Thomas Edisons, Klymit is populated by engineers who are encouraged to boldly challenge any assumption in the outdoor adventure industry.
Founded by outdoorsman, Nate Alder, who’s innate (see last name) passion for discovery brought him to Brazil, where he learned about argon and its potential as a heating and cooling agent, Klymit began with a groundbreaking idea, and it that very kind of inspiration that propels the company today. Beyond their impressive ideas, Klymit does the hard work of perfecting these concepts for actual implementation. This combination of creativity and diligence has allowed Klymit to produce everything from jackets and vests, to sleeping bags and rafts.

What’s unique about Klymit is that everything is new. You won’t find a product endowed with old technology or a regular fleece jacket. All products are created with a very particular goal in mind: to enhance your outdoor experience.

A few years ago, Klymit awed the outdoor industry with its Nobletek insulation. Nobletek allows for maximum insulation and unprecedented versatility. Endowed with adjustable gas chambers, Nobletek outdoor wear has made a layering an obsolete ritual, an overindulgence that will only waste your time and energy. Klymit has reclaimed the variable from the elements. From now on, you are the variable and the weather, peripheral.

After this masterstroke of innovation, Klymit has moved on to create the most lightweight sleeping pads and sleeping bags man has ever known. Meticulously researched with the help of body-mapping technology, many of their crash pads weigh less than a pound, but provide the comfort of a memory foam mattress. Apply this approach to the rest of your camping essentials and accessories, and you’ve got a recipe for the rest of Klymit’s catalog. Consider ultralight camping chairs, sleeping bags and even rafts.
In business for less than a decade, Klymit has already enhanced the adventures for many outdoor enthusiasts. Be you alpine hiker or treasure hunter, take some weight off your shoulders, stuff some hardly detectable warmth in your pocket and ratchet the adventure level to awesome. In the meantime, stay tuned. There’s no telling when the folks at Klymit will bust out of their laboratory and scream “Eureka” once again.

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