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Looking for where to buy Klen socks? Check out our wide selection of colorful socks by Klen here at US Outdoor Store!

About Klen

Founded by regular guys in the basement of a Long Beach, California home, Klen laundry is a young company with a specific vision—to banish cotton from the garment industry. That and they also want to satisfy their customers with comfortable, innovative and eco-friendly products.

Luckily for them, their promise of satisfaction is built into every sock. Made with bamboo, elastane and nylon, these quality socks are not only made without pesticides, but they also minimally impact soil and require very little water. Unlike cotton, which absorbs natural resources more efficiently than your sweat, bamboo thrives without much human interference.

However, the benefits transcend the abstract joy of reducing your carbon footprint. Important attributes for lounging as well as adventure, their socks and undergarments are dog-ear-soft and uber- comfortable. Additionally, with Klen’s powers combined, these heroic socks actually protect your skin from harmful UV Rays. If that seems inconceivable, consider this; Klen socks naturally repel bacteria, meaning that your regular Sunday bath can now become a monthly affair. Bacteria notwithstanding, these grime fighters deter odor in general. While this may seem trivial, this benefit multiplies when travelling light is a top priority. Finally, thanks to that charitable Bamboo, these durable socks constantly regulate temperature. So while your eyes might intuit jungle, and your body may be feeling heat stroke, your feet will remain blissfully cool. For all the Miss Skepticals among us, let me eliminate any maintenance concerns. Bamboo socks can be laundered just like your typical cotton socks. No extra effort is required.

Aside from the practical benefits of Klen laundry, the company’s mission statement and practices are actually governed by those same principles instilled in their socks. Firm believers in sustainability, Klen laundry understands the value of the single customer. Just as consumers have a responsibility to make informed purchases, Klen understands that sustainability can’t thrive without community. Hence, they are tethered to your satisfaction and happiness, and they know that.

While originally a sock company, Klen laundry has expanded its line to include underwear, undershirts, hoodies and jackets. Browse their entire catalog and be sure to comb through their three different types of socks. Choose from Crew, Boot or Sneaky in flashy or subtle colors. Endowed with Klen’s stylish logo and tastefully designed to add a pinch of style to your wardrobe, Klen laundry manufactures socks that feel good on your feet and on your conscience as well.

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