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Kayland produces footwear designed to outperform the performer with innovative designs and functionality built upon a wealth of experience in the field among the elements. Looking for where to buy a new pair of Kayland boots for your hiking and climbing adventures? Shop our great selection of hiking boots and hiking shoes for Men and Women by Kayland.

About Kayland

As a relatively small company, Kayland provides for a personal touch and an extensive international reach with refined perspectives and a dynamic understanding of the demands and extremes that the environment can throw your way. With a meticulous study of anatomical and movement performance and rigorous field-testing, the Kayland Concepts branch continuously innovates and refines its designs with high-performance footwear taken to the limits with the help of the Kayland Professional Tester Team.

The result of putting the gear through the ringer, well, look no further than the Kayland Vertigo K Approach. With a Board Lasted construction and Vibram Boulder high grip sole, you can be sure that wherever you find your feet they will have some sure footing. More so, the Vertigo K Approach offers a replaceable sole option so the constant adventurer can keep on at it with the gear you might have grown attached to while out and about the wonders. More so, the Vertigo K Approach hiking shoe utilizes a variety of handy tech like the form-fitting Precise Fit internal boot that gives its wearer substantial and noticeable support. More still, the Vertigo GTX takes things a step further for the backpacker off on an extended adventure with GORE-TEX lining that gives you a water-resistant layer while allowing the feet to breath so you can wake up and do it all over again with ease. Additionally, the Vertigo GTX hiking boot makes efficient use of the Integrated Absorbing Dive System, or IADS tech that has an integrated stabilizer, crampon area, shock absorber and supportive heel compound.

More still, with each product Kayland offers a male, female or unisex emphasis is taken into consideration to make sure the little things get tweaked to fit the wearer's specific needs. With Kayland hiking boots, like that of the Vertigo High GTX, technology like the Comfort Fit tech gives the forefoot enough space to accommodate the natural swelling of the foot during those long-distance treks. More still, with product lines geared toward taking on the extremes, the challenges of mountaineering, varying approaches, long-distance backpacking ventures, the everyday hike, or multi-sport demands - Kayland has a boot that is right for you and whatever adventure you choose.

With the Kayland Professional Tester Team continuously pushing the limits on innovation with Kayland products, you can enjoy the spoils of their successes with such prizes like the Women's Zephyr Hiking boot, or the award-winning Ice Everest boot that took Manuela Di Centa to the Summit of Everest. In any case, with ice climbing champion Evgeny Krivosheitcev pioneering the first ice climbing boot to utilize an integrated crampon you can be sure that the Kayland boots can meet the demands of the adventure with the added ability to outperform the performer if it comes to it. Try to keep up!

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