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K2 Gyrator Snowboard
Features of the K2 Gyrator Snowboard

  • Core Material: Always improving the feel and energy return of our boards, the R+D group releases the CARBON WEB rider input/output system. Offered in two levels of sensitivity. Resulting in a more connected feedback loop from terrain to rider.
  • Base Material: Ultra thin, static eliminating base• Lightweight, lower material usage• Highest quality sintered available anywhere!
  • Construction Materials: BAMBOOYAH® expands out into more models in this it’s second year. We now offer the all new Bambooyah Blended cores. Created for models that could benefit from just a little bit of Bambooyah’s incredible strength. A little it of Bambooyah goes a long way.
  • Shape: An infinite number of different radius are blended together flawlessly from mellow in the tips, to more aggressive in the center. The result is a super predictable feel that never hooks. Responsive at high speeds and smooth enough to butter your way from the peak to park.
  • Sidewalls: K2’s exclusive Hybrilight construction features a thin, constant thickness sidewall designed for maximum performance and minimal material usage. The result is a lighter, more advanced snowboard with significantly less waste produced in manufacturing. Better on hill and greener for the hill.
  • Camber Type: Powder Rocker delivers the most Rocker for the most snow – enabling you to float through anything while still maintaining a high-level of performance on groomed terrain. A stiffer nose and tail ensure stability in an otherwise maneuverable and lively package.
  • Harshmellow: K2’s proprietary vibration dampening system is built into all three of our hardgoods categories. HARSHMELLOW™ is a magical compound that maximizes FUN by decreasing negative vibes, leg burn and rough landings. Positioned in the insert area in our top end boards to stop vibrations before they enter your bindings.

K2 Snowboards

K2 Gyrator Snowboard

Style B11003

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K2 Gyrator Snowboard – 2012: Years ago, the hypnotic gyrations of the K2 Gyrator Snowboard seduced the order of the Powder Hounds, setting in motion a new era: ROCKER Technology. Through this Powder Rocker technology the 2012 K2 Gyrator continues to summon effortless float in powder and cunning quickness in the trees. On the back of a super lightweight and mighty Bambooyah core coupled with HARSHMELLOW dampening, the Gyrator eliminates leg burn and negative vibrations as you crush through your favorite powder stashes. But the tools in which snowboards (and skis) use to rain down a heavy dose of powder performance usually comes at high cost to natural resources… and that would be the case here if not for the K2 Gyrator’s Hybrilight Construction; its consistent thickness sidewall design provides maximum performance while using a minimal amount of materials. Earth first, ride second; it doesn’t work the other way around. So here’s to the snowboard that uses less and gives us more... oh, and started the Rocker Revolution. Long live the K2 Gyrator Snowboard!

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