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About Jetboil

When emerged in an outdoor adventure, cooking can become a dreaded chore especially if you are also forced to lug around bulky cookware. But the solution is out there and it is easier to find than the North Star. Jetboil makes your outdoor cooking process painless. By providing you with lightweight, compact, quick and effective cooking gear, Jetboil has revolutionized the way you experience Mother Nature.

Jetboil got started back in 2001 with a straightforward yet powerful concept. Perry Dowst and Dwight Aspinwall loved the outdoors and the adventures they had camping and trekking, but hated how they had to drag around heavy, clunky stoves and obnoxious vacuum bottles. So, they set out on a new kind of adventure as they became determined to forever change the outdoor cooking game. It was their sole purpose to make the whole process easier.

Through countless hours of testing concepts and different approaches, Perry and Dwight figured out that quick and friendly designs were most easily achieved when they cranked up the heat transfer efficiency. They tested a series of models by going back and forth between the mountains and their lab in order to dial in the perfect product by submitting each one to intense field-testing and experimentation. The end result is a line of Jetboil cookware and products that are equally remarkable and reliable. Unique and usable, Jetboil equipment makes your outdoor cooking endeavors much easier and simpler.

Like each and every one of their systems, the Jetboil Flash PCS utilizes an all-in-one design that combines a burner as well as your cooking vessel in a single, compact unit. The whole thing stacks and stores inside a 1 liter cup, and with the press of a button and two minutes of wait time, you have boiling water that is ready to go to work with whatever is on your menu. Designed with safety in mind, the Jetboil Flash PCS prevents spills, has a protected burner and is incredibly stable. The Jetboil .8L FluxRing Sol Ti Companion Cup provides expandability to other Jetboil cookware. By maximizing the performance to weight ratio, this cup expands cooking capabilities while retaining superior heating efficiency.

Jetboil even offers the Jetset Utensil Kit for you to chow down with. This complete set is ideal for reaching the bottom of the cooking canisters so that you are able to scrape out every last chunk of vital nutrients. Perfectly matched to the Jetboil cookware, these utensils are compactable for maximized packing capabilities.
Always on the path of conversion and progression, Jetboil never stops searching for ways to give you every advantage possible when taking on your next adventure. Their dedication provides you with the means necessary to dominate the outdoor cooking scene.

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