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Hotronic battery powered footwarmers stay warm for longer periods of time than single-use disposable footwarmers, and they also create less waste. They are thin, so they do not throw off your balance or create uncomfortable bulk inside your shoes. The Hotronic Footwarmer Custom package fits inside all types of footwear and can be used with multiple insoles for a custom fit. The heating element concentrates its heat on the toe area, which needs the most help. The set package comes with a charger, two battery packs and a pair of heating elements.

Each foot gets a three-cell battery pack with four temperature settings. The settings are easily adjustable, and the battery packs easily attach to your footwear. Hotronic battery packs have a thin profile, so they do not interfere with the fit of your ski pants or boots. Pants can easily cover the battery packs, which protect them from damage on lifts and stairs. On the lowest settings, the high capacity battery packs allow the insoles to warm your feet for up to 17.75 hours. The batteries can be charged with North American and European outlets, so you can easily take the footwarmers with you on ski trips all over.

Strap Brackets make it easy to attach Hotronic battery packs to ski boots in a range of practical positions. They allow battery placement on a power strap above all other boot closure mechanisms, so they do not interfere with the functionality of your boots. They are also extremely quick and straightforward to use, making it easy to transfer the footwarmers and battery packs between different sets of boots. You can attach the battery pack at the front of the boot, on the side, low in the back or high on the back of the boot. The placement will depend on what you find most comfortable and what kind of scrapes you want to protect the battery from most. For example, the low back placement reduces the risk of chair lift damage but has a higher risk of stair damage than other placements.

Comfortable temperatures contribute to a pleasant experience on the mountain and promote foot health in extremely cold conditions. Athletes can balance better when they can fully feel their toes, so footwarmers can actually improve performance. Hotronic products are extremely practical because of their reusability. They are a long-lasting and worthwhile investment for any serious skier or winter sport enthusiast. Designed for easy traveling and easy use in a wide variety of boots, Hotronics warmers are unbeatably adaptable and useful in many cold situations.
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