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Honey Stinger

Waffles are a classic cyclists' food because of the energy boost they give through their carbohydrates. Honey Stinger makes individually packaged waffles made with certified organic ingredients and sweetened with natural honey. Available in delicious chocolate, honey, strawberry, lemon and vanilla flavors Organic Stinger Waffles are an instant favorite among both adults and kids. They are easy to transport and provide the kind of lasting energy that is ideal before sustained activity, such as long runs or bike rides.

Honey Stinger Energy Bars provide instant energy in a healthy and easy to carry form. Each bar is made up of over 30 percent honey for plenty of natural energy. They also contain 20 percent of the recommended daily protein intake and 22 vitamins and minerals. Other healthy ingredients, such as antioxidants, raise the bars a step above traditional energy bars. The bars have the same qualities of an energy gel in tasty bar form.

Organic Energy Chews give an outstanding energy boost, along with a great taste. Honey Stinger energy chews also contain natural fiber and protein from honey and tapioca, unlike most chews that contain no fiber or protein. The Lime-Aide flavor is 95 percent organic and all the other flavors are 100 percent certified organic. They are gluten free, dairy free, made without GMO materials, free of hydrogenated oils and trans fat free. Both adults and children love the taste of these chews, and they are also soft for easy chewing while you exercise.

Honey Stinger 10 g protein bars are a smaller version of the brand's extremely popular 20 g protein bars. Each bar contains 10 g of natural whey protein, which is 20 percent of the daily recommended protein allowance. They are made of over 30 percent certified organic honey for an energy boost, and they make an excellent meal replacement or post-workout recovery snack. With over 22 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and calcium, Honey Stinger protein bars are unbeatably healthy. They contain no gluten or trans fats.

Honey is an ideal energy source, because it contains a one to one fructose to glucose ratio. Fruit has the same ratio, which is easy on the stomach. It also prevents dramatic energy fluctuations or sugar crashes, perfect for fueling sustained activity. Most Honey Stinger products last for a year or longer, so you can easily store them on long treks. The natural foods also contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium to prevent cramping and facilitate maximum performance.
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