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About Hestra

Founded in 1936, the Hestra brand was pioneered by farmer Martin Magnusson who started by constructing leather gloves equal to the toughness and unwavering constitution of loggers. Not soon after, the railway made its way to Hestra, Smaland; while at the same time, construction began on a ski-slope nearby. Thus, as Hestra puts it: "From lumberjacks to Mountaineers," the Hestra brand began. Over the course of the better part of a decade, Hestra has certainly expanded its ambition and has also undergone product expansions to include customized gloves fit for various sports. From biking, winter recreation, to water activities and everyday leisure; Hestra continues to lead the world with an international brand of gloves that all started as a family business and today produces over 2 million pairs of ski gloves a year.

As a strong supporter and backer of both Swedish and Norwegian ski teams, Hestra also supports a team of riders that participate in competitions and refine the designs with battle-tested approval from team members like cross country skier, Daniel Tynell; outdoor adventurer, Vera Simonsson; mountaineer, Stephane Shaffter; and alpine racer, Andre Myhrer. More still, Hestra has taken up various environmental initiatives as one of its core values. By making a product that is long-lasting, raw material is minimized in a world full of products that showcase a kind of planned obsolescence that has more or less become second nature. More still, Hestra has become one of the few environmentally certified manufacturing companies throughout the world that takes into account various environmentally weighted intricacies like materials, energy, transportation, and waste - while continuously working to streamline the environment footprint of its practices.

Speaking of the premium quality gloves that Hestra offers, whether it is the Hestra Ski Cross Glove, Leather Balm, Women's Snow Glove, or Hestra Guide Glove, you can be sure that every product is created for use over the long haul. With specific product lines ranging from cross-country skiing to snowboarding, outdoor, and biking embassies; you can be sure to find a pair to, well, fit like a glove. With a 3 layer based construction principle at the heart of its construction and versatility, Hestra also offers a variety of tips and tricks to maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of each glove it sells. More so, Hestra provides for replacement liners so you do not have to give up a certain pair that has gotten you through some remarkable journeys.

As part of the Mountaineering collection, the Hestra Henrik Windstedt Pro gloves showcases the quality and calculated construction that embodies the Hestra brand. Constructed with cowhide leather secured with a quilted knitting stile, the Henrik Windstedt gloves also boast Thermolite insulation as well as a brushed polyester lining with velcro closures. As just one example in the largely diverse and all-encompassing glove lines sold by Hestra, the Henrik Windstedt Pro bestows upon its wearer the kind of protected needed to withstand the elements as well as the tests of time. With Hestra gloves, you can invest in a future as well as a fun time with the bitter elements, and that is a rare statement.


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