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About Helle

Helle knife makers select the best quality materials for their knives. Most of the knife handles are made from beautiful and hard curly grained birch, and sometimes they have complimentary additional materials such as leather and stag horn. Nordic style sheaths are durable, functional and beautiful, made from expertly tanned leathers. The brand specializes in durable and functional outdoor knives and camping knives in a range of styles, including sheathed knives and folding knives.

The Hellefisk knife is a cork-handled fishing knife designed to float if it ends up in the water. It has a stiff stainless Sandvik 12C27 steel blade, which is also thin and able to make delicate cuts. The lightweight knife itself weighs just 64 grams (under 2 ounces). It also comes with a custom-tanned leather sheath that weighs 40 grams. The blade is 123 mm long and and the handle is 130 mm. The Hellefisk is a perfect example of a Helle knife engineered to be the best of its type; its design is unbeatable for fishing.

The Harding knife by Helle is a traditional hunting knife with a sturdy and beautiful barrel handle and a extremely sharp blade. The handle features curly birch and walnut wood separated by layers of leather. Helle is known for this type of detail, which is exquisite and never overdone. The blade is made from triple laminated stainless steel. It comes with a durable leather sheath and a handle butt retainer for safe carrying. The blade is 100 mm and the handle is 110.

Besides making extremely specialized knives, Helle also creates top-quality all purpose knives. The Helle Skala folding knife is an exquisite example of a practical and versatile knife for those who love to adventure. It has a beautiful Cocobolo wooden handle. The handle has hidden steel liners for supplementary strength – just the kind of detail that the Helle brand is known for. The Skala also features a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade and a genuine leather sheath. It has a larger size than the average folding knife, because it is designed for frequent use rather than just easy carrying. The blade is 84 mm and the handle is 117.

Helle knives retain sharp edges for long periods of time. With proper care, Helle knives will last throughout a lifetime of extensive use. They require only simple care, such as cleaning and drying after use, occasional oiling and occasional sharpening.

Although Helle knife makers have implemented new technologies over the years, the knives are still mostly handmade by expert craftsmen. They are made individually and sold worldwide. Each knife is unique and made for absolute functionality and durability. The knives they ship around the world are just as outstanding in quality and beauty as the ones they sold at local markets 70 years ago in Norway.

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