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Searching for where to buy some cookware or energy bites by GU Energy Labs for your next trip? We have a great selection right here at US Outdoor! Like a bunch of mad scientists bent on helping you achieve world domination in your athletic endeavors, GU Energy Labs hooks you with the nutrition you need to keep going harder. By providing athletes with supplements that keep them operating at peak performance levels during training and competition, GU Energy Labs has established themselves as a trusted source of energy and recovery food and beverages.

GU Energy Labs

GU Energy Labs was founded in 1991 and has over two decades of experience in creating the kind of fuel active people need to consistently get the most out of their bodies. A headquarters in Berkeley, California provides a perfect location in a hyper-active community full of people who are constantly out engaging in the sports they love. Nothing excites GU Energy Labs more than getting to be a piece of your athletic endeavors as they get to help you reach your goals. Hearing your stories of success and seeing what levels GU has elevated you to is what drives them.

A whole team of athletes participating in (and dominating) various sports are on the GU Energy Labs roster. Swimmers, runners, cyclists, mountain bikers, and mountaineers all push themselves under the GU name and often decorate podiums across the globe. Their feedback enables GU Energy Labs to advance their energy food and beverage to better help active people around the world seize victory no matter what form it may come in.

So what exactly is GU Energy Labs slinging that has athletes and active outdoor enthusiasts buzzing? Well, there are the basics like the GU Energy Gel. It comes in a small packet that is easy to stash away and whip out when you need a boost. This shot of calories is simple to digest, hydrates with electrolytes and antioxidants, and delivers the long-lasting energy you need to keep pushing forward. If the goopy stuff isn’t your style, GU Chomps are soft, bite-sized pieces that provide the perfect pick-me-up. They enable you to retain focus, battle tissue breakdown, and fuel your muscles to keep performing at their peak.

GU Energy Labs also concocts some beverage options that not only keep you going, but help you recover after the action subsides. GU Brew Electrolyte keeps you hydrated and able to power through rigorous workouts. Looking to add some pep to your drink? The GU Brew Electrolyte Canister houses a blend of complex and simple carbs that help your muscles get energized. Plop a scoop in your drink and get charged up right. GU Energy Labs has also got you covered post workout. GU Recovery Brew is the ideal choice after an exhausting session of training or competition. It rebuilds your muscles, isn’t chalky, leaves you feeling refreshed, and quenches your thirst with authority.

When your greatest challenge lies before you, fuel up and attack with the full force of GU Energy Labs. You never know where GU will take you.

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