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GSI Telescoping Foon

GSI Telescoping Foon

About GSI

Technology has penetrated all sport and outdoor activities. Our skis have gotten lighter yet more durable, and our clothing is lightweight and more weather resistant; so why not our camping equipment. GSI Outdoor Equipment has benefited from applying technology to their metals, coatings, plastics and resins to create gear that is durable and the best at guaranteeing energy efficiency and heat distribution. The GSI Cookware technologies range from Pinnacle to Enamelware with Halulite, Bugaboo and Glacier Stainless in between. These different technologies offer slight differences at varying costs. Pinnacle uses Teflon with Radiance Technology to enable the cookware to reach temperatures 25% faster with scratch and abrasion resistance. Pinnacle is extremely durable and energy efficient. Halulite offers an ultra light alloy for that alpinist who is fast and on the go. When looking for great value for the money, there is Bugaboo for that great blend of camp cookware that is very affordable. GSI knows how to match the right technology to the adventurer’s need.

GSI offers beautiful colorful camp gear in the Infinity series. This series is all about being extremely lightweight and environmentally friendly. This clear plastic is completely recyclable and a BBP free alternative to Polycarbonate resins. The GSI Infinity Bowl is an example of the brilliance of this product line. The Infinity bowl won’t absorb odors or leak chemicals into the food and remains strong when hot or cold, as do the other Infinity products. Once again GSI shows a full grasp of the marketplace with a comprehensive selection of items for those that like to pick up and enjoy the greater outdoors even if it is a picnic in their backyard.

The GSI range of products is vast from lightweight backpacking gear to the more gourmet backpacker who want to travel with the right blend of condiments, the GSI Peppermill is ultra compact and adjustable as are items like the Soft Sided Wine Carafe and the One Cup Aluminum Mini Espresso. Why not enjoy life in the style you have become accustomed to. As for the party, why not take it with you. The GSI Flasks come in a range of sizes from Highland Fifth Flask to the nine fluid ounce flask.

The days of carrying the heavy canvas backpack into camp while wearing woolen socks and heavy trousers that took forever to dry are over. Today you can travel light and lithe with the confidence that your gear is the best. GSI can cater to all of your camping needs with the certainty you will have comfort in any situation.

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