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There are many precious times in life. One of these times is when you get away from the buzz of the city to sleep under the stars as the sound of the river lapping against the shore lulls you to sleep. In the morning, the smell of the fresh brew wakes you and brings the forest alive. There are many things that are left behind when you venture into the backcountry, but that magic morning blend of perfectly roasted beans is not one of them.

About Grower’s Cup

It all started back in 2002 when the innovator of Grower’s Cup Coffee realized that there must be a better way to brew gourmet coffee without all the paraphernalia of coffee grinders, paper filters, measuring spoons and drip machines. There must be a simpler way of brewing a premium cup of coffee. This innovative Danish company figured out a new technique in a small office and micro roastery located in a farm building nestled in the Norwegian hills surrounded by forest and the sea. It is here that Grower’s Cup invented a revolutionary way of brewing the best coffee with the ultimate in simplicity and perfectly designed for those backcountry moments.

The Grower’s Cup Specialty Coffee starts with hand picked red berries from around the world that are carefully sorted and chosen then roasted. The quality and consistency of this process is strictly regulated. The Grower’s Cup is your own cafe in a bag. You simply open, brew and pour. In less then ten minutes you can be sipping a superb cup of coffee.

Grower’s Cup provides the best of two worlds, premium coffee with no hassle. The coffee and filtration system are contained within the brown brewing bag – no extras, no cleaning up. All you have to do is boil up the water, pour about half a liter or approximately sixteen ounces of boiled water into the bag then wait. The roasted aromas begin to stir around your heart and in about five to eight minutes you are sipping on some great coffee. This whole process has been designed to extract the full flavors out of nearly an ounce of coffee. Efficiency and simplicity are the mantras of the makers of Grower’s Cup.

An integral part of this Dutch company’s mission is to provide single origin coffee from all over the world. These beans are hand picked and roasted in small batches to guarantee the quality of the specialty coffee. The varieties of coffee range from Nicaragua to Ethiopian with Guatemala, Honduras and Bolivia in between. All of these coffees are certified organic and produced under the fair trade standards with a great respect for the environment.

The idea is worth the realization the next time you are deep in the woods or sitting by a remote river in nature’s glory. A moment is a special thing and complementing it with a perfect brew only enhances an already great experience. It is definitely worth the time and it is so simple.

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