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About Grandviews Video

Grandview Distribution stands as one of the largest and leading surf movie distributors in the United States. With that, Grandview Surf videos offer an inside look at some of the most influential surfers out there as well as spotlighting coveted surf filmmakers, retailers and brands present and pioneering the surf realm. Headquartered in Encinitas, California, Grandview boasts a far-reaching library of all things surf with the ever-present goal of delivering audiences a limitless library focusing on everything from surfers, locations, retailers, industry brands, technology, those behind the scenes, and those making the scene.

As a globe-trotting installment portraying a day in the life of surfing, featuring surfers like Kelly Slater, Dave Rastovich, Dede Suryana, Andrew Serrano, and much much more - Grandview Here & Now DVD chronicles a single day as seen by over 25 filmmakers and experienced by just as many surfers. In documenting a single 24 hour period on May 2nd 2012, filmmaker Taylor Steele has spliced together an epic that captures the ups and the downs that life in the surfing world embodies. With contests and camping adventures, the long road home and the beginning of new surfing adventures - the international epic Here & Now pulls it all together to give you an all-encompassing inside look at the life and times of surfer legends, Stephanie Gilmore and Kelly Slater while also bringing together those who make the events happen, the photographers that capture the moments, and even those just beginning to discover the glory of surfing.

For a macro look at a single surfers trials and tribulations, Grandview Distribution offers Minds In The Water DVD. Produced by Saltwater Collection, Minds In The Water observes the endeavors of wandering professional surfer Dave Rastovich. Alongside Dave Rastovich's charismatic charm, Minds In The Water will take you on a journey as Dave trots around the globe, from Australia to Alaska and even the Galapagos Islands to chronicle one ocean activist and surfer's endeavors to protect dolphins and whales. Minds In The Water DVD captures the wonder of like-minded ocean enthusiasts and seeks to move the ocean-minded minds out there to be stewards of the coastal environment to preserve and celebrate its fantastical allure for all generations to come.

If you are looking towards the horizon, wondering what could possibly be next in the surfing world — look no further than the Grandview release of Bending Colours DVD. Produced by Kai Neville Studio in partnership with Red Bull Media House, the Bending Colours DVD epic brings you a never-before seen look at next level surfing as it pushes the limits of surfing to a whole new crest. If you are after the life, the times, and an inside look at surfing and the new horizons that the sport and people involved push it toward - Grandview Distribution is your one stop shop for all things surf. Just remember to pick up your jaw after it repeatedly drops.

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