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Grabber warmers offer superior, all-natural, portable heat and are standard equipment for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities when it's cold outside. Warmers are air-activated, no shaking or kneading required; just open the package and allow a few minutes to start the process. Grabber Warmers are dry, clean, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable and designed for one-time, disposable use.


    • Hand warmers: fit easily into your glove or pocket keeping hands & fingers toasty for over 7 hrs of warmth. Buy 32 of item #375008 to get display box. Buy 40 of item #375077 to get display box. Buy 320 Hand Warmers to get display box. Buy 240 of the Mega Hand Warmer to get display box.
    • Toe warmers: thin with a unique rounded toe and adhesive backing. Designed to function in the low oxygen environment of boots and shoes. Simply stick the Warmers to the outside of your sock, under or over your toes, and enjoy more than 6 hours of warmth. Buy 32 of item #374998 to get display box. Buy 320 of item #375000 to get display box.
    • Foot warmers: thin, comfortable, and easily fit in your shoe or boot providing over 5 hours of soothing warmth beneath your feet. Buy 240 to get display box.
    • Resealable 3pk can be turned off & on. If there is still heat left when you are finished using the warmer, place in the Grabber Air-Lock bag, squeeze out excess air and zip it shut. You may repeat this process until 10 hour duration is up. Package uses 50% less packaging compared to single selling unit. Buy 48 to get display box.
    • Body Warmer: for minor aches and pains, as well as extended everyday warmth during outdoor sporting activities. Adhere to inner layer of clothing to enjoy over 12 hours of heat. Buy 320 to get display box.
    • Weekender: includes 2 hand warmers, 2 toe warmers, and 2 body warmers.
    • Excursion: includes 8 pairs of 7 hour Hand Warmers, 8 pairs of 6 hour Adhesive Toe Warmers and 8 Peel 'N Stick Body Warmers that last over 12 hours.
    • Ultra: provides over 24 hours of warmth. Buy 240 to get display box.
GRABBER WARMERS Colors Available:
$7.99 - $24.99

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