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About Goalzero

Founded by Robert Workman following his travels through the off-the-grid regions in the Republic of Congo, Robert Workman recognized the value and necessity of bringing the concept of independent power supplies to impoverished regions so as to empower the resilient people who reside there. With that, a portion of Goal Zero proceeds are donated to the Humanitarian initiative also founded by Robert Workman - Tifie. Tifie, or, Teaching Individuals and Family Independence through Enterprise, works in unison with Goal Zero to reach the point where there is zero literacy, zero poverty, and zero hunger.

With all Goal Zero products field-tested and proven of worth in some of the most remote places on earth, Goal Zero strives to continuously innovate power solutions to enhance your camping adventures and take you into uncharted territory. Enter, the Goal Zero Estrella 3W Light. As a compact 3 watt LED light, the Goal Zero Estrella 3w Light is designed to go the distance with over 20,000 hours of use up its bendable cord sleeve. As a great addition to your other Goal Zero Camping Gear - the Estrella light, like all Goal Zero products, is compatible with every power pack and solar kit offered. In three easy steps, you can have enough power to power a fridge for 24 hours. If, for example, you found yourself with a Goal Zero Boulder 30 Solar Panel and charge the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator - the uses at your fingertips are endless with the power of the sun on your side. Whether you need some Goal Zero Lighting to brighten up a scene for a little nighttime photography or are in need of a thoroughly lit up scene to do some maintenance on your ATV out in the wilds - Goal Zero gives you the power to get the job done.

Even then, Goal Zero offers a variety of products that add to the perks of being off the grid. With the Goal Zero Rock Out Portable Speaker you can enjoy the glory of music with crystal clear clarity on the trail, water, hiking or climbing a wall with a portable design that can mount on your bike stem, backpack, or climbing harness. And, as the sun sinks beyond the horizon and the tunes from your Goal Zero Rock Out Portable Speaker battle the crickets for supremacy - the Goal Zero Solar Crank Flashlight can shine that necessary spot of light on your cooking activities so as to get that warm meal in your belly with ease to continue the adventures on to the next day. By the use of the rechargeable 12V, dynamo crank, flip out solar panel, or wall plug - the Goal Zero Solar Crank Flashlight is prepared and strapped with a backup plan for any situation where you need light on your side.

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