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About GoPro

Think it. Visualize it. Get out there and do it. With GoPro, the world’s leader in capturing active images, you have a witness to all your epic feats. By creating the most versatile cameras, GoPro has established themselves as the authority in action sports filming. GoPro enables you to share jaw dropping photos and videos of the exciting times in your life that define you.

GoPro started with a vision, and that was to create a camera that was adaptable and suited to function in a variety of conditions to capture your most intense adventures. Now, GoPro has not only realized their dream, but have become the leader in an emerging industry. It has always been GoPro’s goal to help you celebrate and share the experiences in your life that have sculpted you as a person. With their wearable/mountable cameras that have been designed to take an absolute beating, GoPro is always there to bear witness when a story unfolds.

GoPro’s most popular model is the HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition. Quality and versatility reign supreme in this kit as you can mount it virtually anywhere, and you never have to worry about soaking it as water is a nonfactor. Stack the highlight reel with 1080p video and spice up your photo collection with 11 megapixel stills. The GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Edition is a favorite because it can go anywhere and capture everything you do to showcase your awesomeness.

If you want to snag some superior footage while you are out ripping the ocean a new one, look no further than the GoPro HD2 Surf Hero. Mount it on your board, or attach it to your face, because either way, the wide angle lens that records 1080p video is going to look stunning. With the ability to crank out 10 pictures per second of 11 megapixel quality, this super versatile camera is the lightest, smallest, and yes, most powerful HD camera on the face of the planet for surf documentation.

Fortified by polycarbonate and stainless steel, the GoPro HD Motorsports Hero2 is engineered to stick by your side through your most aggressive escapades. With a minuscule weight, yet water, bomb, and shockproof, this little bugger has the capacity to hold up to 32GB of pictures and video. GoPro has amped up the sound quality by including Audio Excellence technology, which eliminates howling winds and leaves you with the pure sounds of your sport. Mount it to anything with an engine and relive your moments of epicness with footage from the GoPro HD Motorsports Hero2.

Sometimes you get yourself into situations that a simple head mount won’t be able to fully encapsulate. Be ready for anything with the GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts. Give yourself expanded options for more fantastic footage with an assortment of mounts that work with all the quick-release GoPros. Give yourself the ability to get the best, most unique angels by employing all of the different tactics made possible by the Grab Bag of Mounts. Go live your life, and always GoPro.

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