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About Global Surf Industries

Located on the beaches of Manly, near Sydney, Australia, the world headquarters of Global Surf Industries is a hive of action. Supported by a massive network of experts, engineers, pro surfers and industry leaders, this brand has established themselves as an absolute surf authority. After years of small-time operations, Global Surf Industries seized the opportunity to explode onto the international scene in June of 2002. Now, with a profile that includes 16 different brands that all team up to enhance any surf experience, they have deliberately and strategically carved out a lethal source of prime surf gear to equip everyone from novices to elite-level riders.

Global Surf Industries is of the belief that life is truly better when you are surfing. They use that mantra as a driving force that is incorporated into all Global Surf Industries surfboards. The people that make up this surfboard brand love the surf-oriented lives they live and it shows in every product they crank out. Surfing has made a difference in all their lives, and it is their passion to share that experience with others.

One of the many aspects that make Global Surf Industries stand out is their inclusion of all kinds of riders. They stand firm in their school of thought that surfing is for everyone. So, to that end, they make sure to craft all different varieties of boards to cater to surfers of all skill levels. So, whether you are a first timer, weekend warrior or a world top 44 surfer, Global Surf Industries has got the wave stick for you.

When it comes to Global Surf Industries longboards like the Global Surf 9’2” Blue Mini Longboard you know you are getting one seriously premium ride. Not only is this board the perfect choice for beginners, but it is also well suited for those more experienced riders who just like to have a good time hanging ten on some smaller, less powerful waves. Then there are Global Surf Industries short boards such as the Global Surf 6’0” 7S Super Fish Red Rail Surfboard. This little rocket has attained a status as one of the more popular boards on the market, and for plenty of reasons. By blending amazing wave catching abilities and high performance action on the water, Global Surf Industries has crafted a super special surfboard. Not only does it include a fully functional step deck, but it also features a low volume rail that rips and cuts like no other.

Baptized in the waves of Australia and coming at you hot out the land down under, Global Surf Industries has made a habit of engineering some of the most amazing boards you can paddle out with. Seize your surfing destiny and become one with the ocean by choosing a board from Global Surf Industries.

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