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About Global Pequot Press

Global Pequot Press is dedicated to compiling a wealth of knowledge for those who are eager to explore and create some adventures of their own. All one must to do properly equip themselves for an enjoyable encounter with nature is to dive into one of the many Global Pequot Press guide books.

Dedicated to unveiling knowledge in new and innovative ways, Global Pequot Press is the distributor for a long list of publishers as well. They employ a triple digit staff of experts who produce, publish, distribute and market hundreds of titles every year. Their massive distribution facility can be found in Springfield, Tennessee and the corporate offices are located in Guilford, Connecticut. By keeping the focus in the USA, this brand is securing jobs for Americans who also share the same passions and dreams as you do. Their infusion of national pride and a special amount of hard work all adds up to the development of guide books you can trust as the source to fuel your exploration.

Global Pequot Press was founded in 1947 and has used the years since then to perfect their craft. Back then, they were named after a local Native American tribe and were a very small operation. As time went by, they expanded into new markets by enhancing their publication programs and catering to a wider variety of curious Americans. Before too long, Global Pequot Press had truly become a global company as they started distributing over seas in order to share their knowledge with the world.

One of the many areas of expertise that this company excels in is Global Pequot Press climbing books. This line of literature has been expanded to include just the kind of information that everyone, from first timers to enthusiasts, needs to thrive in all climbing endeavors. The Global Pequot Press Climbing Cascade Volcanoes is the perfect example of a guidebook that was created to deliver a thorough, in-depth overview of an amazing area. The volcanoes of the Cascades dominate the Pacific Northwest and thrill-seeking climbers have flocked to them for years for the experience of a lifetime. With a Global Pequot Press guide book, you are able to get the most out of your encounter with amazing landscapes like those found in the Cascades when hiking and climbing.

Squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of all your outdoor adventures by fueling up with the knowledge provided by Global Pequot Press. There is always something new to explore, so go forth armed with all the information you need to be successful in nature.

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