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About G3

Deeply entrenched in a culture of backcountry skiing, G3 is on a mission to constantly enhance your experience in the snow. Each new winter brings the opportunity for progression and fun. G3 desires to help you seize both. They are one of the very few brands left that is truly independent and 100% authentic when it comes to backcountry skiing. Dedicated to remaining focused on the things that really matter when you immerse yourself in the wildest terrain and conditions that Mother Nature can conjure, G3 has got the goods to power you through.

G3 was conceptualized in the mid ‘90s based due to a desire to create an avalanche probe that was better than anything else out there. Professionals were demanding more from their gear and the founder of G3 had the guts to exceed their demands. So, it was inside a garage in Vancouver, Canada that the brand was founded in 1995. Today, G3 has outgrown the garage scene and expanded their product line beyond probes to include things like G3 skis and climbing skins. Their commitment to uncovering solutions for those who love the backcountry has only grown stronger, and that results in equipment you can trust every time you embark on a new adventure.

The name G3 stands for Genuine Guide Gear. Genuine passion for the backcountry resonates throughout the company. From the designers to the artists to the pro team, every individual genuinely has a history of love and involvement in the backcountry. Guide stems from all of the professionals who choose G3 gear. They are the ones who constantly abuse their equipment, which is why this brand is inspired to create the kind of tools that will hold up against the most brutal outings. Gear is all about the high quality stuff G3 makes. Their engineers refuse to even imagine anything that is only as good as their competitors. Never stagnant, G3 is always striving to bring you the best gear possible.

This company has built a reputation for unleashing amazing planks for ripping through the backcountry. Models like the G3 District Skis are primed for seeking and destroying all that untouched fluffy stuff. Women’s G3 skis are also fully loaded with the kind of performance you need to dominate the most rugged terrain. The G3 Women’s Cake Skis are as delicious as their name implies. They are amped up on all the most advanced technology and sweet features to help you thrive in the backcountry. And before you venture into the unknown, don’t forget to grab a pair of G3 Genuine Guide Gear climbing skins to help you in your pursuit of the summit.

When the backcountry beckons, answer the call with the kind of gear that will ensure your success. Get yourself some G3 equipment and know that you are in good hands.

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