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About FunLand Films

The people that make up this company are not just a crew, but a tight group of buddies that have fashioned a bond with each other that only strengthens every day they spend riding. FunLand Films documents their journey as they experience the all of the highs and the occasional lows that come with life when strapped to a board. Through these amazing sessions and intermittent trials, the friends grow as not just individuals, but as a group. Of course, FunLand Films catches all the action and puts it together in the form of highly entertaining shred flicks.

Based in Portland, OR, FunLand Films rips apart the entirety of Mt. Hood where they lay their home tracks. Keaten Abbot founded the company, because he wanted to breed a new kind of snowboard film company. He believed that there were already plenty of up and comers on the flick scene, but that the industry still lacked a film crew that focused on an actual group of friends. So, he began the documentation of a group that has been intact for years and actually rides together every day. Abbot has gone against the grain with FunLand snowboard videos, because he wants to focus on what riding with your pals is all about. FunLand Films snowboard movies zero in on showing you what snowboarding means to them. Odds are, if you dig snowboarding, you will certainly be into the kind of movies that FunLand Films produces.

One of their most popular releases is the FunLand Films What Friends Are For DVD. This film highlights riders like Joni Burger, Johnnie Paxson, Justin Rister, Josh Dwinal, Jen Perrin and Kyle Sanford. Following their antics on the hill, the DVD is full of amazing footage and plenty of laughs that will undoubtedly keep you entertained from its opening scene through the end credits. As a chronicle of a truly awesome season, the crew has plenty of good times together as they progress not only their riding, but also their friendships. You can count on FunLand snowboard videos like this to stir up some inspiration within yourself to get up to the mountain with as many friends as possible and just enjoy the good times that flow.

Groovy snowboard videos and good times with your buds is what FunLand Films is all about. If you want to go on a journey to a magical place of snow and merriment, take a trip to FunLand. Who knows, you may decide that you never want to leave.

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