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Looking for where to buy a new Freedom Dolly skateboard? We've got you covered with a good selection of longboards and skateboards by Freedom Dolly. Plus save with Free Shipping & No Sales Tax!

About Freedom Dolly

If you've ever found yourself cruising the boardwalk, bombing down some winding asphalt, or flowing about the curves of an empty pool — chances are you've got yourself on a longboard or skateboard for the engagement. With Freedom Dolly longboards and skateboards, you can embrace that same freedom with an additional spot of free-seeking peace of mind with handmade, tweaked and tuned rides that flow with unique and unprecedented mobility. More so, as every skateboard and longboard Freedom Dolly comes produced from sustainably harvested and ecologically processed bamboo - the enlightenment you'll find effortlessly riding throughout the lands on Freedom Dolly longboards will be free of any and all drawbacks.

So, if you are after some peaceful rides and good times on four wheels, minus the exhausted greenhouse emissions, look no further than the Freedom Dolly Chemical Reaction Skateboard. With a kick tail profile and Bamboo layered Pioneer Wood construction, the Freedom Dolly Chemical Reaction Skateboard fits an 8.75" x 31" dimension and 136mm max deck width for a substantially sturdy ride bursting with potential for good times. Moreover, with a 15.375" wheel base on 1/2 inch black risers complete with 63mm x 38mm Freedom Dolly wheels that flow like butter over the bumpy roads we all seem to find ourselves wandering down sometimes. More still, with original artwork and the Freedom Dolly logo smacking the bottom of the deck with aesthetic brilliance, you can take pride in your ride as much as you take pride in the streets you go on about your ride upon.

If you are into flowing about the bowls, long abandoned pools, maybe even the dried up drainage canal — the Freedom Dolly Fresh Flex Longboard is sure to be a sound partner in crime. That said crime being a scandalous free flowing ride with suspiciously smooth ease. In doing just that, the Freedom Dolly Fresh Flex Longboard makes efficient use of lightweight bamboo fibers along with Pioneer Wood aw well as an added bit of reinforcement layer of fiber glass complete with Clear Resin Grip. More still, the Freedom Dolly Fresh Flex Longboard boasts 150mm bent metal trucks on 1/8th inch risers and a Slalom Camber profile. Perfected to turn, twist, carve and bend to your will as you see fit.

All the same, if you are more of a boardwalk cruiser, the Freedom Dolly Blue Beak Longboard is sure to catch your eye as well as the eyes of all the feet peddlers you zip by. Splashed with a vibrant and uniquely fitting deck graphic that depicts the blue beak bird in its crazed glory, the Freedom Dolly Blue Beak Longboard sports a kick tail profile capable of winding in, out and around all that stands in your way. Additionally, with a 9.8" x 38.5" deck dimension and clear resin grip sealing in the topside blue beak graphic, you'll be able to fly through the streets with a banner that alerts all onlookers that you mean business. That being said, with Freedom Dolly's sustainable construction and hand-made distinction - you can be sure that you will stand apart and ride into horizon with the Freedom Dolly longboard paving the way to peaceful and limitless good times.

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