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Looking for where to buy some FITS Socks? Check out our awesome selection of unisex, mens & womens socks right here. Spend over $40 and save on your order with FREE SHIPPING + NO SALES TAX.

About Fits

Since 1902, Fits has been knitting socks and making a name synonymous with quality. Based out of Niota, Tennessee, Fits has weathered the highs and lows that have shaped America’s people and culture. They now utilize the oldest hosiery mill that is still in operation in the States. This is where they have perfected an impressive technique of blending technical expertise and knowledge of comfort and fit. As a family-owned brand, Fits has never swayed from their original vision of employing Americans to create the highest quality socks possible.

The foundation of Fits is rooted in a widespread epidemic that ravaged the sock industry. Ill-fitting socks ran rampant and there was no solution to the issue until Fits stepped up to answer the call. By leveraging their experience and ingenuity, the founders committed to seeking out the best materials to create the best fit and the highest amount of comfort that a pair of feet could ever ask for. The result is a celebrated product line that fuses performance and fit.

To this day, Fits socks are still designed to dominate as your go-to choice for outdoor activities. Their superior construction leads to a plethora of benefits that will not only give your feet a happy place to hang out, but will also enhance your performance. F3 technology is applied along with materials like Merino wool to unload a unique combination of comfort and functionality. So, say goodbye to hot spots, bunching, friction and blisters, and get introduced to the world of premium foot huggers that only Fits can create.

Models like the Fits Light Hiker Crew Socks are crafted from a premium blend of materials that flawlessly combine a feel-good-fit and versatility. The Fits Medium Hiker Crew Sock rocks a sweet mixture of nylon, wool, spandex and polyester to give your feet the best advantage on the trails. A wool blend makes the Fits Crew Sock a force to be reckoned with anytime there is a stretch of trail between you and your ultimate destination. If you want a more subtle style, the Fits Ultra Lite Runner No Show Socks keep things cool. Women’s Fits socks also take things to another level with all kinds of desirable qualities that keep you on the go in luxury. When you want to make the most of your time in nature or on the run, it is socks like these that set you up for success.

No matter what the task at hand may be, Fits socks give you the advantage to put forth your best effort by giving your feet the support they need to thrive. Allow your feet to feast on the functionality and comfort that Fits cooks up in every pair of socks.

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