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About FCS

FCS was the brainchild of one, Brian Whitty, who in the '90s conceived of the removable surfboard fins idea on the beaches of Sydney, Australia. FCS, or, Fin Control System was then transformed from dreams on a beach to reality and in doing so, FCS was born. As a substantial game-changer in the surfing sport, FCS made waves in the surfing scene from there to today. Now, FCS operates all over the world with a rapidly expanding distribution network with 80+ staff members on three continents dedicated to handling the refinement and advancement of FCS design, manufacturing and marketing to give the everyday surfer continuation innovations in top-shelf surf hardware and traveling products.

The advantages are clear, the Fin Control System allows surfers to change their fins to adapt to the conditions of the surf as well as the skills on differing surfboard and weight displacement shifts in control. More so, the Fin Control System gives the surfer the ability to remove the fins and in the process, the added luxury of less stressed travel and shipping dings. More still, FCS offers the most complete and extensive selection of surfing fins on the market that are specifically designed to bear the brunt of wear and tear at the tabs so you don't thrash your board in the process of getting busy out in those impact-prone surfs.

From the time FCS hit the market, FCS has taken home 28 ASP World Titles with riders sporting the gear. As a striking testament to the FCS system, no other brand has yet to take home the ASP World Title in the men's, women's, junior's, or longboard divisions. Whether you are considering the FCS Single Fin 7" or the Tri Fin Sets, every FCS product has been refined from the first plug design that has only strengthened with continuous research and implementation of new materials that all follow the H-pattern engineering advantage coupled with the lateral screw system resulting from the hard work and constant tweaking of the plug design from the product development team.

As one of the products resulting from the refinement and innovation of the plug fin design, the FCS Moulded Surf Fin Hex Key allows for on the fly tweaks, tightening and travel. So, when you are aiming on testing out the FCS PC-3 Tri Fin Set with its performance core and lightweight responsive flex tip — you'll have the capacity approach a wide-range of conditions out there in the surf. Additionally, FCS offers a variety of accessories from surfboard leashes and covers to luggage, in water apparel, booties and even gloves. And that barely scratches the surface.

With traction pads like the FCS Traction T-1 available and allowing you to lock in on top of a wave with its gridlock groove pattern, that FCS Performance Rashie you are wearing will keep you protected from the pounding that barrel will throw you through if you bomb it. Even then, the FCS Premium Big Wave Leash has your back, or well, foot with its interchangeable rotating nylon cuff. With such FCS offering covering all sides of the performance surfing necessities, what's coming over the next wave's crest in innovation should certainly be a killer ride!

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