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About Exped

Exped maximizes your experience in the outdoors when you have minimized means. By producing the quality essentials you need to thrive during your encounters with Mother Nature, Exped camping accessories enhance all your adventures. Active outdoor enthusiasts have been praising their specialized gear for years thanks to Exped’s commitment to use the most creative processes and highest quality materials to design and build their products.

Keeping true to a few key specifications has guided Exped’s process and locked them in as a favorite among the outdoor community. Staying away from fads and focusing on functionality while giving their gear multiple uses, reducing weight to a minimum, and making everything ingeniously simple makes Exped camping accessories a perfect choice every time. As they emphasize durability and promote healthy environmental practices, Exped is a leader when it comes to doing business in a green manner.

It all began back in 1997 with an original tent construction that the industry had never seen. A few shelters and some storage bags for sleeping bags were the first Exped claims to fame, but they have never stopped rolling out innovative products since then. Somewhere between the “wearable sleeping bag” and the world’s very first waterproof sleeping bag, Exped began getting noticed as adventurers across the globe began demanding their gear, and Exped has never failed to deliver superior stuff that always exceeds expectation.

Getting adequate rest in the outdoors can sometimes be the greatest challenge of them all, but Exped has developed gear that makes bedtime your favorite time. The Exped Synmat UL 7 Sleeping Pad is a compact and super lightweight inflatable mat that even provides some toasty insulation. Made of tough, abrasion resistant material and some microfiber fabric, this pad can pack down to the size of a small water bottle, which makes it incredibly easy to tote around. If your adventure is going to include sleeping on some chilly surfaces, or even snow, then the Exped Downmat 9 was crafted just for you. This bad boy was designed to handle conditions down to -36 degrees Fahrenheit and is even lighter and more easily compacted than other pads of equal warmth.

Of course your noggin needs a place to get cozy for the night too, so that is why Exped created the Air Pillow UL. As one of the most comfortable, lightweight inflatable pillows on the market, you would be hard pressed to find a better way to get some shut eye. Since bedtime isn’t the only instance you might need to take a load off, the Exped Chair Kit converts your mat into a relaxing lounger.

No matter what your outdoor adventure may call for, Exped has made a habit out of crafting the perfect product for every encounter. The simple truth is that Exped maximizes your camping experience with the very minimum amount of high quality gear.

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