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About Etnies

Based in Lake Forest, California, Etnies designs and produces signature shoes and clothing that showcases its brand of sponsored team members who dabble in the fine art of everything from skateboarding, surfing, to BMX and Motor-cross riding as well as snowboarding. Formed in 1986 and currently owned by the now-retired professional skateboarder, Pierre Andre Senizergues, Etnies boast a brand that supports the extreme sports and the personalities that embody the tenacity of such undertakings. After the opening of the Etnies Skatepark in 2003, the 40,000 square feet stands as the largest skate park in the state and is used for competitions like the "Goofy vs. Regular."

As a subsidiary to Sole Technology, Etnies' reach exceeds the borders of the United States with support initiatives like the 'Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree' project that is continuously working to plant trees throughout Costa Rica and Brazil. First initiated in 2011, the 'Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree' reforestation project was first aimed at the Maleku rainforest in Costa Rica but quickly expanded to Brazil's Sao Paulo Atlantic Rainforest after a partnership with the "Trees for The Future" organization was formed. Today, with the purchase of shoes from dedicated lines like the Etnies Dory or Jameson 2 Eco shoe collections — over 300,000 trees have been planted. Plus, with various charity endeavors taking root and resulting in the donation of the 2012 campaign where over two thousand pairs of shoes to those less fortunate - Etnies maintains a brand resolute in its conscious ambition to both give the people what they want and what they need.

With Etnies team members like skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler, and BMX rider, Aaron Ross, driving the dynamics and demands required of an extreme sports beaten shoe - Etnies maintains a variety of stylish shoe, cloths and accessory lines to meet the demands of taking on everything from a flight of stairs to bombing down a mountainside. For those flights of stairs and slick rails, the Etnies Marana Skate shoe sports a suede and leather detail reinforced with a molded rubber toe cap, STI Evolution Foam and Non-Slip Grip outsole for good measure. For the BMX bumpers out there, the Etnies Waysayer Plus shoe provides high-top protection for your ankles as well as a STI DTTF Pro 1 footbed for added comfort in absorbing obscene amounts force resulting from extended airtime.

With additional products available — from jackets to sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, pants, backpacks and hats; Etnies gives you the one stop shop that embodies the soul of the extreme sport enthusiasts out there. From the Call Out windbreaker jacket to the Cash Out slim fit classic chino pants - Etnies has got you covered for whatever scrape you might find yourself enjoying to the fullest. Plus, with rotating collections like the Etnies Vegan, Famous Twitch and Evolution Foam collections popping up on the radar - Etnies keeps it fresh so when you thrash your sole from glorious undertakings, your feet can keep it classy and raring to go for the next day's romp.

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