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DMM Excalibur

DMM Excalibur

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DMM Wallnut
$9.95 - $11.95

DMM Wallnut
DMM Peenuts

DMM Peenuts

About DMM Excalibur

Founded on the premise of making the best climbing equipment at the best price, DMM climbing protection equipment has never swayed from the original intention. While it might be a simple concept, DMM has found power in it as it has remained their central concept in all that they do. A passion for climbing and a desire to help as many people as possible enjoy the experience spurs DMM onward as they strive to innovate and develop the most user-focused climbing gear you can find in a market that demands quality.

Getting their start in 1981 in the UK, a group of climbing enthusiasts came together with that one purpose in mind. Now, over 30 years later, the original efforts of Fred Hall, Denny Moorhouse, Paul Simkiss and Richard Cuthbertson are still resounding throughout the climbing community. From the very beginning, DMM has focused on two areas of expertise, which are mountaineering and recreational climbing. These focuses complement each other as there are sections of overlap and benefit for both. The balance created by DMM sustains them as a business while delivering quality climbing solutions to a plethora of athletes across the spectrum of the sport.

When you are way up the crag and need a superior placement, trust DMM passive protection gear to deliver every time. From Wallnuts to Peenuts to Torque nuts to Offset nuts, DMM has got a whole slew of nuts that you can count on to fit snugly in all the crannies. They are even color coded to match other brands so that you always know what you are working with when it really matters.

The reliability of gear like the DMM Dragon Cams is what climbers get the most excited about. When you are dangling from a rock face, you have to be working with equipment that you can trust with your life, because that is exactly what you are doing. Whether it is the strength and shape of DMM Quickdraws or the functionality and robustness of DMM Carabiners, climbers are dedicated to this brand, because they know their faith is in good hands.

Innovation is the catalyst to the development of DMM climbing protection systems. Not only do they continually invest in new fabrics, machinery, tools and their plant, but they also are always coming up with new plans and concepts to lead the industry as a specialist in climbing. The combination of their experienced work force and their impressive team of professional climbers come together to transform knowledge into high performance climbing gear. While investments in development don’t come cheaply, DMM recognizes the potential profit of their efforts in the form of efficiency and ability to pass on only the best equipment to their dedicated customers.

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