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Depactus Aurora Tee

Depactus Aurora Tee


Depactus might make some of the most excellent surfwear and active beach lifestyle clothing on the market, but they would be nothing without their team of riders that have a huge influence on what they forge in the factory. So who is part of this crucial crew of sea shredders? Matt Meola is heralded as perhaps the most versatile rider to paddle out. His presence in the lineup alone makes everyone better as all who witness his moves are privy to a unique blend of innovative stylings that push the boundaries of the sport. Mark Healey might only be a teenager, but he represents the Depactus brand as it was meant to be. Youthful and creative, his relentless pursuit of each wave ignites the surf community. Chris Christenson gets in on the action on both sides of the board. He rips foam like an absolute boss and is also an influential shaper. Progressive and dynamic, the Depactus team is unmatched in their passion for all things surf.

Depactus men’s shorts like the Depactus Head High Boardshorts embody modern style and pure performance. Durable, quick drying, and always ready for action, this pair of wave slicers is fashioned from tough, but comfortable materials that are largely sewn with recycled fabrics. And then there is the Depactus Allrounder Hybrid Shorts. They’ve pretty much got endless utility. A classic design, loads of breathability, and never-ending coziness make this set the ideal choice for any warm weather activity.

From short sleeved wonders to button-up slick slices of threads to unstoppable hoodie domination, Depactus men’s shirts pretty much own the scene. The nautically inspired Depactus The Cap tee is constructed from 100% organic cotton and refuses to ever go out of style. Just try and stop the Depactus Leeward Shirt from catching all the eyes with its slick pattern, and don’t even bother trying to pull one over one the Depactus Wordmark Pullover Hoodie, because it is more legit than MC Hammer.

The location is never the same. Some will travel farther than others, but the destination remains identical. Everyone who chooses to outfit themselves with Depactus surf inspired clothing arrives at a place that inspires, enlightens, and always leads to a good time. It’s the ocean. Go get some with Depactus.

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