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About D-fa Dogs

What if your favorite outdoor company made jackets and other equipment for your dog? Well, that is exactly what is going on at D-fa Dogs. Now, everything that you need to help you thrive in the wild is crafted just for your best pal by a company that truly knows about and cares for your four-legged friend. D-fa Dogs is dedicated to engineering all kinds of gear like buoyancy devices to aid your dog in the water, increased visibility coats for nighttime excursions and coats that keep them nice and toasty in chilly conditions. Using the same materials and design standards as companies like The North Face and Marmot, D-fa Dogs has channeled their passion for pups into a commitment to making the best gear in the world just for them.

Inspired by dogs of all shapes and sizes, D-fa Dogs utilizes leading technologies and an innovative approach to design in order to outfit Fido with some seriously impressive equipment. They have harnessed Dynatec and Shoeller Reflex for durability and visibility as well as Thinsulate for warmth, so your dog will have no trouble thriving even in adverse elements. Pertex reduces the weight of D-fa Dog gear, soft shells crank up the comfort levels and all the wonderful powers of Merino wool have been put to perfect use. Basically, this company goes all out for your dog.

Got more leashes than fists? Bring all your D-fa leashes together with one of the super helpful D-fa Mandela Pack Leaders. The device is perfect for taking your whole pack out on the prowl without getting all their leashes into a tangled mess. A sweet swivel keeps the leads from becoming a twisted puzzle of who’s who, and the rugged webbing stands tough even when there is a squirrel spotting. Have a bunch of different leash lengths? No problem, because the tri-glide extension accommodate all different sizes.

D-fa dog coats like the D-fa Puff Doggy were created specifically to keep canines cozy in the coldest climates. Insulated where your dog needs it the most, jackets like this allow for loads of flexibility that let your buddy make all kinds of uninhibited dog maneuvers. Not only is the Puff Doggy water resistant and breathable, but it also stuffs down into a small sack to make packing and transport incredibly easy. Finally, if those coats start to smell like, well, a dog, they are machine washable to help get rid of those funky pup odors.

Magnificent mutts of all kinds have found enjoyment and happiness using D-fa Dog gear. Into the wild, or just around the block, D-fa Dogs makes being a dog feel great. So, wherever your adventures lead, D-fa Dogs has got the equipment to help your pooch not only keep up, but to actually push you onward so that you both have the most enhanced experience possible.

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