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About Cyalume

Whether you are signaling the rest of your group to meet you at base camp on a hike as the sun sets, or alerting traffic that your car has broken down up ahead, Cyalume lighting gear has got what you need.

Imagine the scene: You have lost the trail. Night has fallen. The temperature has plummeted. Your hope for rescue is dwindling. Then, you remember that your pack contains your saving grace. You tear into the side pocket and rip out your Cyalume safety lights and crack them open. Soon, the rescue chopper spots your signal and you are scooped up and zipped away to the land of the living. That is why Cyalume exists.

Try this one on for size: Night has hung its cloak on the sky and you are surrounded by your enemies deep within their territory. You lay perfectly still in the tall grass. It’s easy to tell they are closing in on you as you can hear their heavy, labored breathing. The claustrophobia begins to seep into your mind and you feel a single bead of sweat slip down your neck. Just as you are at your breaking point, you spot a weakness in their defenses. Without hesitation you explode from the ground. While you know they are in close pursuit, there is no averting your gaze, because you are locked in on your one and only goal. Glowing in the night like a beacon of hope, you snatch up the Cyalume Snaplight and seize victory from the hands of your Capture the Flag competition. There is nowhere else Cyalume would rather be.

Chemically engineered lighting systems like the Cyalume Snapstick are created with a plethora of purposes. These Hazmat safe devices only need be given a crack and they will provide you with a luminescent glow that comes in a stash of different colors. Not only do solutions like these eliminate the need for hazardous fires, but they also deliver a simple, easily transported way to light up the night for whatever situation you encounter. Non-explosive, non-flammable, and non-toxic, there is no safer way to ignite your experience while camping or hiking in the outdoors.

Cyalume is solely dedicated to creating the most advanced alternative lighting systems to use in case of emergency, or just for recreation. Go ahead and get your hands on some Cyalume lights so that you are prepared for whatever kind of action that is bound to come your way.

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