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About Croakies

How many times have your shades flown off your head or been dropped on the ground? Well, Croakies retainers are the answer to the issue that has plagued you from the beginning of time. Whether they are hanging around your neck at the ready, or securely sitting on your face in the defensive position, your sunglasses have Croakies to thank ensuring their safety.

The multifaceted vision that is Croakies stems from very humble beginnings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A ski patrolman realized that he had no sufficient device to grip his sunglasses and keep them close to his body while he performed all the demanding active aspects that his job required. So, he cut into the neoprene of an old kayak spray skirt and fashioned the very first pair of Croakies. Over three decades later, the brand has soared as they continue to design and grow their fashionably functional eyewear retainers.

While Croakies has remained a relatively small company over the years, it is impossible to doubt how big their heart is. The value they place on creativity and innovation has been a priority from the beginning as they continue to strive towards the production of eyewear retainers that deliver comfort and durability for everyone who embraces an active lifestyle. By using the highest quality materials, Croakies can ensure that their accessories are built to last. Their headquarters is still in Jackson Hole, but Croakies builds their goods not too far away in Bozeman, Montana. That means Croakies provides jobs for Americans who craft the products right here at home.

The concept may be simple, but Croakies have gone to great lengths developing the perfect set just for you. Perhaps the adjustable nylon set is just what you need to keep your sunglasses in place. Or maybe a softer cotton cord with some seriously popping colors is more your style. Either way, the functionality is there no matter what your style is.

Along their path, Croakies has developed a dedication to protecting the environment that all outdoor lovers praise. Natural resources are also a big deal at Croakies, so they have partnered up with Ocean Conservancy and American Rivers. Specialized Croakies raise money for those organizations in order to help them protect the precious ecosystems that we work and play in.

With an inspirational love of the outdoors and an undeniably perfect solution to a common problem, Croakies has redefined the way we experience our active passions under the sun. Grab some Croakies and take it all in just the way you like it.

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