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About Crab Grab

Crab Grab doesn’t currently have an office, because they work where the snowboarding is happening. They don’t have an 800 number either, but if a Facebook message won’t suffice, then you can surely find them at the mountain sometime. You aren't likely to find a pile of their products just lying around, because they go fast every time Crab Grab produces a limited run of goods. That just means you have to get your claws on them while they are hot. If this all sounds a little crazy, that is because it is, and that is just the way founders Preston and Dawn Strout like it.

Crab Grab Crab Sticks are an instant classic that you will see all the cool kids slapping on their boards. By providing extra grip for your grabs, the Crab Sticks enable you to hold on tight and really tweak out any air. While some riders are constantly trying to add bonus flips and spins, there are still those who measure a rider by his ability to snap off the gnarliest grab on the hill and the Crab Sticks let you throw down with the best of them.

Grips and stomp pads aren’t the only things you will find team riders like Bode Merrill and Scott Stevens rocking. Crab Grab clothing has a unique style that deserves ample attention. The Crab Grab Classic Hoody is a mid-weight pullover that fits super swell and makes you look even better. If it is a bit on the toasty side, try the Crab Grab Classic Tee Shirt. This sweet little number is the original collection of threads that Crab Grab created and it will go down in history as a winner. While some may see it as a collector’s item, others just see a legit graphic tee that all your buds will totally try to steal.

Making snowboarding at least twice as awesome, Crab Grab is all about embracing that time on the mountain and having as much fun as possible with your crew. No matter how rad you think snowboarding is, you will only come to realize its true potential when you slap some Crab Grab on your board.

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