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About Coghlan’s

Coghlan’s is widely recognized as the leader in camping accessories on this planet. With a reputation built on product quality, Coghlan’s never fails to innovate the best gear for you to fully enjoy the outdoors. This family owned brand shares your passion for camping as they strive to fuel your adventures with the best camping equipment possible.

Their success in the outdoor industry stems from their focus on a trio of core attributes. Customer service is something they pride themselves on as they never fail to take care of their dedicated customers first and foremost. Next, they focus on pristine inventory management. It is always their goal to make sure that you can get your hands on whatever prime piece of camping equipment you need whenever nature beckons. Finally, they have a direct initiative to market their high quality products. Coghlan’s has seized the reins on the industry for many reasons, and one of them can be attributed to the reliability of all their gear, which is made with the best materials and most advanced processes.

Amazingly enough, it all started for Coghlan’s with a toaster. Norm Coghlan began by selling camping gear as a traveling salesman and eventually opened up his own shop that repaired gas powered stoves and lanterns. His customers loved their camping toasters and when Norm found out that the company who manufactured them was going under, he bought their entire inventory and soon began producing his own. What started with toasters soon developed into all kinds of camping accessories and Coghlan’s has been a reliable source for outdoor enthusiasts ever since the 1960’s. Still based in Winnipeg, Canada, Coghlan’s promises to remain diligent in their efforts to bring campers the best products with which to ignite their adventures.

With a roster of products that never fail to enhance your experience in the outdoors, Coghlan’s is stacked with all kinds of gear that is practical, durable and reliable. The Coghlan Broiler features a chrome plated hinge design that also includes an extension handle and locking ring so that you can cook your food just the way it should be, and Coghlan’s Multi Spice lets you season up your grub so it tastes even better than you ever thought camping food ever could. The folks at Coghlan’s know that you aren’t always camping under ideal conditions, so that is why they produce items like Coghlan Ponchos, Coghlan Waterproof Matches and Coghlan Lighting devices in order to give you an advantage no matter how wet or dark it gets.

It takes an expert like Coghlan’s to conjure outdoor accessories with enough practicality and performance to earn a spot at the front of the industry. Coghlan’s is a name that is built on quality that you can trust to continually ignite your camping adventures.

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