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About Coalatree

Coalatree is not just helping people understand the importance of living sustainable lives, but they are inspiring a movement. They do this by helping folks become less dependent on food and goods that are unnatural as they become more self-reliant. Pretty much all Coalatree clothing and accessories are crafted from organic and recycled materials. There is no doubt that Coalatree is changing the world one organic tee at a time.

With a major passion for using sustainable resources, Coalatree supports great organic farms all over the world. Working with sustainable operations encourages more farmers to go organic. Coalatree even has their own organic farm operation in New Castle, Colorado. The farm raises livestock and grows fresh produce that they donate to the local community. Morgan Mason is the master farmer and if you were to visit, you’d meet plenty of cattle, chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep, and even a goat named Nicholis. In fact, the farm is a place that society members are welcome to go live and experience the Coalatree lifestyle as they plant, work and harvest the fields, fish and float the river, and have fun in the great outdoors.

It is no surprise that Coalatree believes in the old mantra of reaping what you sow. In each aspect of life, they hold fast to that belief, so they work hard to build quality clothing for their customers. But it doesn’t just end with great clothes, because Coalatree tirelessly puts forth an effort to cultivate and maintain relationships with their customers and the communities they live in.

When you really check out what goes into Coalatree clothing and accessories, what you’ll find is truly astounding. The Coalatree Spaced Out Tee Shirt is made from recycled cotton and x-ray files! Could that shirt be anymore innovative and sustainable? Oh, and it’s pretty stylish too. Then there are warmer pieces like the Coalatree Catch and Release Hoodie. This piece promotes a healthy fish population and the tradition of the sport in a super functional package that keeps you looking good. The Coalatree Gardner Chino Pants work hard to blend comfort, dexterity, style, and toughness all into one pair that is made up almost completely of organic cotton. And top it all off with the Coalatree Bowline Beanie that works just as hard as it play.

There are lots of companies out there that talk about sustainability and organic stuff, but Coalatree is a brand that literally practices what they preach. Their work in local communities and the farm they have worked so hard to build serve as proof of their dreams becoming reality. The creative ways they uncover to reuse materials and produce clothing that is really transforming the way people think about living their lives. Do it real and do it right with Coalatree.

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