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About Captain Fin

Captain Fin offers you their product as an invitation to partake in the kind of life that they have found to be so fresh, creative, honest and above all else, fun.
Perhaps best renowned for their killer fins, Captain Fin surf accessories are known around the industry for their quality and originality. One of the best things about their signature fins is that each of the team riders contributes with unique templates and art. So, not only is the Captain Fin team loaded with amazing surfers like Joel Tudor, Dane Reynolds, Andrew Doheny, Herbie Fletcher, Chippa Wilson and Kassia Meador, but all of them are part of the creative process to produce fresh fins that not only look wicked, but perform like no other.

Founded in 2007, Captain Fin has embraced and nurtured the entire creative side of the surf scene. Whether it is their photo sessions, film contributions or actual paintings, they are constantly adding to the beauty and inspirational power of the sport. They never stop doing their best to share the fun that the surf scene offers.

Captain Fin surf accessories come in a variety of models for many different boards and styles. There are long board fins, drip fins, pinstripe fins and much more. This brand makes sure to cater towards all kinds of surfers so that everyone can enjoy an enhanced experience in the water. Each fin is crafted using the finest materials and is then tested relentlessly in order to ensure durability and performance.

The surf clothing and accessories pumped out by Captain Fin are super legit as well. Their line of tees is full of good looks and always leads to good times. Pull on the Bat Anchor, Original Anchor or CFC Circle to ensure that your style is always thriving. And don’t forget a lid to top it all off with. Pieces such as the Captain Fin Anchor Patch Twill Snap Hat never fail to make a statement.

If you want in on the action, get set up with surf accessories from Captain Fin. They are always flexing their creative outlook and helping others enjoy the lifestyle that they know to be unique, fun and always full of adventure.


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