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Camping Resource Guide

Camping Resource Guide

Camping is a fantastic way to get outdoors and experience nature up close. Choosing the right campsite or campground and having the correct equipment and food makes all the difference in the world when camping. Plan your camping trip ahead of time, and double check your equipment and food lists to ensure that you have everything you need. Once you get to where you're going, it's unlikely that you can just "pop" into the local store. While many campgrounds do have facilities available, they may not be easily accessible, depending on where you set up camp.

Having the right equipment and clothing, the right kinds of foods, first aid kit and any other gear you need is critical to making the experience pleasant. Government-run campgrounds have specific rules, if you don't honor them, you could lose the privilege of camping there. When you camp, the idea is to leave the area as clean, if not cleaner than when you started. This means planning a means to collect your trash, having the right containers for foods, the right tents, sleeping bags and more.

If you bring children with you when you camp, you need to ensure small children are under watchful adult eyes, as it's easy for children to wander off and get lost. If you bring pets, you must honor the rules of the campground—pets need to be tethered in some campgrounds or stay close at hand.

Preparing for the needs of everyone in the camp and anticipating what can go wrong will help ensure your camping experience is one that you will want to repeat. Bring along air mattresses if you don't like sleeping on hard ground and bring enough clothes to stay warm as needed.

Having a first-aid kit is an essential item when camping. Your kit should also include insect repellents and all the standard gear that you will need. Plan menus that are easy to prepare over a campfire, cook stove or barbecue, as some campgrounds offer these to campers. You'll need ice chests for items that need refrigeration and a safe place to put your food if your campgrounds are near areas where bears traverse.

Always bring warm clothing, jackets and extra layers. You can always remove extra layers, but if you don't have them, you can't put them on. Shoes or hiking boots with ankle protection are especially good when you are in areas that have snakes or plan on hiking.

Write out a menu of easy-to-prepare foods when camping because the idea is to make the most out of your camping trip. Coffee and tea bags are great for camping, as well as any types of dehydrated meals or food you can easily cook over a campfire. Kids enjoy cooking their own hot dogs, as do adults, but don't forget the camping favorite, graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows—nicknamed smores. Marshmallows make easy deserts at night when cooked over a hot campfire.

Bring plenty of water or check the campground to see if water and bathroom facilities are nearby. If you are camping more in the "rough," you will need to plan for these needs.

Planning is the most important element to any successful camping venture. Make lists of what you need or check any of these handy resources to plan your next camping trip:

Choosing a Campground

 What to Bring

Camping Safety


Miscellaneous Camping Resources:

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