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CAMP Drus Gear Sling

CAMP Drus Gear Sling

About C.A.M.P SPA

CAMP is the producer of technical adventure equipment and their dedication to crafting the best climbing gear in the world is like a quake that shakes the entire industry to its core. By making the lightest pieces of gear across the board in almost every category, CAMP has become an established force that others look to as the leader in design and innovation. If climbing is your passion, trust that CAMP SPA climbing equipment and accessories are going to fuel your ascent.

For CAMP, relying on a lightweight ethos in the mountains is the only way to go. By lightening your load, you increase your potential for not only a better performance, but also for safety. Any time you feel like your load could stand to lighten up, simply investigate CAMP’s cache of incredibly tough, yet lightweight gear to ease your burden and enhance your experience.

An innovative attitude ensures that CAMP keeps cranking out new products with clever designs each year. At the core of the company is a solid research and development team that is on a mission to maintain a path of constant discovery. They are always experimenting with new materials, concepts and strategies that many would consider crazy, but it is their unparalleled passion that makes it all work. Other companies focus their efforts on marketing the same product in a different package, but CAMP is fixated on their goal of continually rolling out fresh climbing equipment that will expand your horizons through a beautiful blend of strength and lightweight functionality.

CAMP SPA carabiners are among the most impressive on the planet. They are always finding new ways to decrease the weight of these crucial tools, while still maintaining full size and reliable strength. Years of experience in the field has given way to gear like the CAMP Universal 12 Point Protect. It pairs up with your crampons to keep those spikes covered, which protects you and your equipment while preserving the potency of your crampons. The CAMP Crampon Carrying Bag is another essential item to take with you on your adventure. This case is constructed from the most durable nylon to keep those sharp points from digging into anything they shouldn’t.

Entrenched in a rich European history, CAMP is a family owned brand that still calls Premana, Italy home. Having produced quality goods for well over 100 years, they have a habit of doing things right. The tiny, remote village that they are headquartered in is based near the Alps of Northern Italy, which makes their location perfect for rigorous testing of all their gear. Each person that works for CAMP is truly dedicated to an authentic mountain culture. CAMP is a company founded by climbers, run by climbers and always in it to make the best gear for climbers.

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