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Burnside Video gets you in touch with nature without ever having to step foot out your door. Their productions are the perfect way to prepare for your next hiking adventure. The value of being prepared cannot be overrated, and with films from Burnside Video, you are getting the edge you need for a successful adventure.

About Burnside Video

Navigating your way through the wilderness is treacherous enough, but doing the proper research beforehand will ensure that you maximize your experience in nature. The talented people at Burnside Video ensure that each of their productions is packed with more info than you can imagine so that you won’t miss anything worth seeing.

For years, the experts at Burnside Video have been exploring and documenting everything that makes the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest so amazing. Nothing gets by them as they carefully document anything and everything you could possibly need to know about exploring and hiking this region. Countless hours on the trails have taught them the most crucial elements and more along the way. They are prepared to share their knowledge with you in order to ensure that you have the most enjoyable experience possible while taking in Mother Nature on your own.

Check out your hike prior to getting off the couch with the Burnside Video NW Hiker - 75 Virtual Hikes guide. Developed as the next best thing to actually being there, this Burnside Video navigation assistant brings nature to life. Many times a hiker will think about doing a specific hike, but is put off from actually trying it due to not knowing enough about the trail. Often, word of mouth is the only thing inspiring and guiding hikers, but with this edition from Burnside Video, the game has changed.

Learning as much as possible before taking off is beneficial in many ways. With Burnside Video navigation guides you are able to view slide shows of the scenery, get detailed hike descriptions, print hike logs and so much more. Burnside Videos lets you learn all kinds of historical information about the area, investigate topographical maps, calculate the difficulty of the hike, and even figure out how many calories you’ll be burning on your adventure. The wealth of information included is essentially priceless as it prepares you for every possible hike so you know what to expect before you set out.

Burnside Videos collects, sorts and presents the knowledge you need to tackle a plethora of exciting hikes and enjoy nature at its finest. Trust the experts and look to them to guide your adventures. Know before you go and immerse yourself in the information produced by Burnside Videos prior to setting out and experiencing all the glory that Mother Nature has to offer.

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