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About Booster

Perhaps one of the most famous Booster footwear accessories is the Booster Strap. Made of incredibly strong elastomeric webbing, along with an anti-slip adjustable cam buckle, this power strap closes the gap that often creeps up between the tongue of your boot and your shin. Much like a big rubber band, the Booster Strap is a pro at eliminating shin bang, and that is just the beginning, as you will also experience increased response all over the mountain. The Booster Strap even produces progressive flex and comes in different stiffness levels so that you can dominate whatever terrain you like to tackle.

Booster footwear accessories like the Eliminator Custom Tongue take everything you thought you knew about skiing and then enhances your fun on the hill by roughly a billion times. This piece attaches to your boot tongue in seconds thanks to some Velcro disks, or you can even make it a permanent fixture with a bit of contact cement. Once it is locked in, you will notice a difference on your first run. The Eliminator Custom Tongue removes heel lift from the equation so that you get snappy response for every maneuver. Shin bite is relieved and excessive calf pressure is reduced so that you can fight off fatigue and keep riding hard from first to last chair. Booster products such as the Eliminator Custom Tongue are all about helping you ride better.

Whether you are a racer who can’t get enough of blistering speeds, or a backcountry fiend that loves nothing more than a powder day, Booster has got the gear to enhance your experience in the snow. Weaving between poles as fast as possible will only get you so far, but when you employ the tactics of Booster, you will find the top of the podium much easier to reach. Taking on the steeps and cliffs with a fearless approach and stomping every landing becomes a reality when you give your gear the boost it needs to bolster your performance. Booster footwear accessories were designed specifically to take your riding not only to the next level, but far beyond anything you ever thought possible.

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