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About BlackStrap Industries

Setting a new standard for facegear, BlackStrap Industries goes to great lengths to protect your visage. By using patented fabrics, original designs and thorough testing methods, they are able to produce the goods that you need for a successful day of doing battle with Mother Nature’s most ferocious onslaughts. From concept to creation, BlackStrap Industries makes their bandanas, facemasks and beanies 100% in the USA, and they are proud to source, employ and ride locally. The entirety of their product line is focused on the user. Each piece is designed to bring maximized functionality through innovative materials and construction methods. Nothing else out there will fit, feel or perform like gear from BlackStrap Industries.

The harsh, snowy conditions of Bend, Oregon make it the perfect place to call home when you need to test product in the toughest environments. Located on the rugged eastern side of the Cascade Mountains, BlackStrap Industries has embedded themselves in the perfect place to subject their products to the most fierce testing known to man so that they can get every detail dialed in before shipping it out their doors. Each year they work to raise the standards of their facewear so that you can elevate your performance. While others in the industry remain stagnant, BlackStrap Industries progresses each of their pieces with every release in order to constantly revolutionize the way we interact with the mountains.

The problem with a lot of facewear is that it feels nice when you put it on, but after one trip down the hill, it gets all soggy and smells like your breath, and no, not even you want to sniff that all day. Luckily, items like the BlackStrap Bandana have been created to minimize absorption and increase breathability so that your facewear stays dray and can actually do its job, while not smelling like tongue. Made from a Nylon Poly blend and decked out with some legit color schemes, your face will stay protected in style. If you really want your mug to look legit while enjoying unlimited performance, get your hands on the BlackStrap Industries USO Facemask. This collaboration utilizes stretch fabric to keep a smile on your face while you brave the cold wind and snow.

Those chilly days seem less ferocious when you employ the stylish warming powers of headwear like the BlackStrap Industries Beanie. This fresh take on a classic piece does absolute work to ensure that your melon stays nice and toasty no matter how hard the weather is raging.

BlackStrap Industries cranks out the facewear and headwear you need to fully enjoy the snowy activities that you love. Always looking towards to future, BlackStrap Industries is excited to share tomorrow’s products with you today.

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