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About Bent Metal

The people at Bent Metal aren’t looking to innovate anything. You won’t find them revolutionizing the snowboard binding industry or unveiling mind-blowing technologies. Nope, none of that noise for them. Instead, they believe that all the pieces and technology already exists to create the perfect bindings, so they focus on perfect execution. By taking the best materials and dedicating themselves to flawlessly crafting each pair, Bent Metal bindings are nothing but straight up quality. They dare you to strap in and push their hardware to the limit, but brace yourself, as you will likely be blown away.

The Bent Metal Mortal Bindings kick off their line of boot squeezers that have no limits. This pair was sculpted for riders that like to slice apart every feature in the park while snowboarding, and then head up to the summit only to blitz down to the base at break-neck speeds. Providing a medium amount of flex, the Mortal enables you to become legendary all over the entire mountain. Jesse Burtner makes these things do absolute work for him, and all they do is beg for more.

For aggressive shredders who need advanced control and support, the Bent Metal Venom Bindings provide a powerful weapon. Sammy Luebke chooses these because they play nice with his hyperactive style and never give in to his outrageous demands. The Mortal and Venom models both feature bombproof adjustable aluminum heelcups so that riders can always get a dialed fit and therefore precise maneuvers are always at an all-time high. Comfy footbeds and lightweight highbacks come standard so that Bent Metal bindings do nothing to hold you back and everything to propel you to greater heights.

Bent Metal got wicked and collaborated with Karakoram to unleash some truly epic bindings for split snowboarding. The Split Tail Hunter mixes their prime components with Karakoram’s amazing interface to allow you to score mind-blowing lines in the backcountry quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

They aren’t afraid to let everyone else pioneer tomorrow’s technologies, because they believe the future is now. It is their opinion that the materials and processes already exist to make the best bindings in the world, and all you have to do is commit to doing it well. Bent Metal is all about the best construction, high quality materials, and good bindings. Ride a pair if you dare.

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