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About Backcountry Access

Research and education are the primary focuses at Backcountry Access, because they believe that these are the main components for ensuring return trips. Saving lives is backed by research and reality at Backcountry Access. When they do their homework, they challenge conventional wisdom. Their fresh ideas are a whole new way to approach snow safety. By educating outdoor enthusiasts on how to avoid catastrophes and how to use their gear if it should happen to strike, Backcountry Access is preserving precious lives so that they may venture into the wilderness again.

In 1994, Bruce McGowan and Bruce Edgerly, (nicknamed Bruno and Edge to ward off confusion), founded Backcountry Access. Located in Boulder, Colorado, this privately held company is perfectly situated at the base of the Rockies. While they may have gotten started in Bruno’s garage, they have stayed true to their mission and have matured into an industry leader. Their proximity to some of the most rugged terrain in the country gives them an advantage that many are jealous of. Backcountry Access is able to research and develop their life saving products right in their own backyard. This leads to crucial findings and heroic implementation into their gear so that everyone who braves the backcountry doesn't simple survive, but instead thrives.

By developing gear like the Stash Squall Pack, Backcountry Access is able to make sure that you keep going strong. This vibrant utilitarian pack is lightweight and has a low profile so that it never holds you back. Its unique design harnesses your body heat to keep the hydration sleeve from freezing over so that you always have access to your precious liquids. Constructed of the most durable materials, the Backcountry Access Stash Squall Pack is everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

When you need grip on snowy or icy terrain, employ the traction powers of pieces like the Backcountry Access Trekking Crampons Fatty. They easily attach to the bottom of toe pieces and are perfect for dominating glaciers and steep, slick ascents.

Since knowledge is survival power, Backcountry Access movies have been created to teach you about different critical skills. From mastering digital transceivers to leading group rescues, you can learn everything you need to know about thriving in critical outdoor situations.

Conquer the most ferocious elements with Backcountry Access gear. But remember, it is imperative that you properly prepare yourself mentally before setting out, because knowing is half the battle.

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