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About Aventura

One piece of clothing at a time, the Aventura brand designs and creates comfortable threads specifically for those with an active lifestyle. Their eco-friendly styles are crafted for women by women as they strive to help our planet with each garment they produce. Fit and function are the focus at Aventura, yet they never let style slip to the backseat. Every piece is thoughtfully designed to be the most fashionable while having the least amount of impact on the environment. Passionate about clothing, Aventura gives you the goods to look and feel incredible.

Headquartered in the lovely Sierra Nevada’s, this brand has been family owned since the beginning in 1965. Fostering a supportive family-focused culture takes precedence at Aventura as everyone cherishes life’s little details. Gradually building on a reputation for quality, Aventura slowly began expanding their product line to include hiking, nautical and fishing clothing. While they had continuously established themselves as innovators by seeking solutions outside the box to create the best clothing possible, it wasn’t until years later that they uncovered their true calling and staked a claim as an industry leader.

Upon the turn of the millennium, Aventura president John Kirsch started researching the possibility of using sustainable, organic fibers to make their apparel. There has been no turning back since then. Now, hundreds of styles have been produced using materials that have a positive impact on the environment. That doesn’t mean their clothes look like they were cut out of a potato sack though. Aventura is proud to have found ways to fuse comfortable and cute aspects into each article. The first step John made back in 2001 wasn’t simply a forward movement, but instead it was the beginning of Aventura’s journey, as each step bears importance in their mission to prolong our planet’s health.

No matter your mood or style, Aventura has got what ladies crave when it comes to their wardrobe. The Aventura Sinclair Skirt is a comfortable, casual piece that delivers a flattering fit and is constructed from bamboo and organic cotton. If you hate having to break clothes in, then choices like the Aventura Women’s Mcintyre Short are pure brilliance. They rock a lived-in feel straight off the rack for an infinitely comfortable experience. All Aventura women’s swimsuits are bent on doing your figure plenty of favors, and they are even made from recycled materials. Whatever you want to wear, an eco-friendly option from Aventura is readily available.

Focused on creating stylish, eco-friendly apparel for women, Aventura never shies away from going the extra mile in order to do good for all. Feel good in their clothes. Feel good about your choice to wear them. The planet we desire for tomorrow is what Aventura lives for today.
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