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Atomic Vantage 86 C 2019

SKU: AA0027184
Atomic Vantage 86 C 2019

For Precision with the thinnest waist width out of vantage all mountain skies, the Vantage 86 C carves a concise on-piste line whether its icy hard pact or fresh. The genetic makeup of prolite construction, the strengthening energy backbone and the lightweight carbon tank mesh gives its lightweight but controlled performance with each turn. Full sidewalls engage carving corduroy tip to tail with an effortless precision.


Base: A high density sintered and porous base that holds more wax and are fast.
Camber: 10% Rocker and 90% Camber
Core Material: Carbon and wood.
Dimensions: 120-86-103.5-16.10 (157) 121.5-86-105-17(165) 123-86-106.5-18.2(173)125-86-108.5-18.9(181)
feature1: Prolite: Builds up and reinforces from a shell in key areas where extra strength is needed
feature2: Energy Backbone: Is reinforcement that adds support and strength underfoot.
feature3: Carbon Tank Mesh: A carbon mesh lightweight layer that provides extra strength and stability.
Features: Light Wood Core:
Radius by Length: (16.1) (17.2) (18.2) (18.9)
Sidewalls: Full Sidewalls run the length of the ski
Weight: 1530 G /173
Atomic Vantage 86 C Colors Available:


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