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Arbor Legacy Shoe

Arbor Legacy Shoe

Arbor Snowboards and Skateboards

For Arbor, it’s not about coming up with the most ridiculously over-the-top gear to keep up with competitors at any cost. Arbor’s dedication to environmental sustainability is what sets them apart. Never before has a company been able to create high quality snow and skate products while doing so much to help rejuvenate the world. It is their understanding of what is at stake that fuels Arbor to willingly step up and take responsibility for any impact that their products have on the earth. Just call them the Captain Planet of the boardsports industry.

In 1995, a group of friends came face to face with the realization of how heavily snow and skate companies rely on a happy, healthy environment for success, and that there was no industry leader in the fight for environmental protection. So they made one. The Arbor Collective was born and the planet now has its hero. Backed by the idea of designing gear with a goal of replacing harmful materials with functional alternatives, Arbor’s snowboards, skateboards, clothing, and accessories let you feel good about having fun. Now, based out of Venice, California, Arbor is continually reinventing the way superior products and environmental sustainability can coexist.

Arbor lets you get down to the environmentally sustainable sound off the mountain too. Hop on a slick ride like the Timeless Bamboo Skateboard and you can cruise all year round. A classic carver like this, made from sustainable Hardrock Maple and power ply bamboo, stays stable at max speeds thanks to a large wheelbase and wide mid-section. If you want a set up that can really chew up and spit out any and all urban landscapes, get familiar with the Arbor Shakedown 38 Skateboard. This versatile board has a generous sized platform and solid concave and let's you rip the park or freeride in the hills. This board was designed with team rider, Kody Noble, in mind. His hybrid style of skating street, park, pool and hills led Arbor to make a board that could do all that, too.

There are so many shredtastic possibilities that this world offers, and to be able to go on enjoying them, Arbor understands that they must do everything in their power to erase their carbon footprint. They are all about bringing on critical change, inspiring others to become more conscious, and promoting environmentalism through the fun of riding. If that is something you can get on board with, climb aboard an Arbor.

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