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About Anon

As a leader in elevated optical performance and aesthetics, Anon provides an optimal visual experience for all winter weather conditions. But they don’t stop there. Instead, Anon infuses this functionality with the latest stylistic embellishments and progressive design concepts so you can look good and see even better. Through their technical execution of all facets of the process, Anon ensures that each and every pair of goggles exceeds the demands of the world’s elite snowboarders and skiers.

Stacked with a team of revolutionary riders, it is easy to see that Anon attracts the best. With names like Jeremy Jones, Nic Sauve, Jake Welch, and Hannah Teter leading the charge, Anon is poised to continue dominating every aspect of the eyewear game.

The M1 Goggles are an Anon exclusive, and this pair alone is one of the main reasons this brand is heralded as an innovator across the industry. Featuring a quick and simple interchangeable lens system, the M1 is the pinnacle of performance with graceful perspective. The Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change Technology allows you to effortlessly switch out spherical lenses based on the current weather and visibility with a design that employs six magnetic connection points. With the M1, Anon has unveiled the future of goggles.

Possessing the power to see more of the mountain enables you to better visualize your line before you even hit it. Anon gives you that advantage with their Hawkeye Goggles. Set up with a spherical lens, the Hawkeye uses a curvature that mimics the human eye for a pristine optical experience in every direction. The dual lens construction and anti-fog coating make sure your vision is never interrupted even as you go slicing through powder stashes. For all-day comfort, they have been outfitted with dual layer face foam that uses moisture wicking fleece to seal out the elements as it hugs your face.

The Anon Helix Goggles are just a straight up legit hunk of optics. They are a clean-cut model that feature everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Coming in a plethora of colors, it’s simple to find a pair that goes with your undoubtedly steezy kit. Utilizing a cylindrical lens construction than employs decentered injection technology, the Helix tappers to a much thinner profile at the edges in order to get rid of distortion in your peripherals. Like all Anon frames, these are engineered to be helmet compatible while still delivering a proper fit, no gaps, and max ventilation. The Helix Goggles embody Anon’s commitment to setting you up with prime pieces of eyewear for going out there and getting your fun on.

No matter where you ride, or what the weather is doing, you can be assured that Anon has a breakthrough solution. So strap on a pair and see your mountain in a whole new light.

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