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About Adventure Medical Kits

Whatever your outdoor activity, Adventure Medical Kits strives to provide you with the means to do it safely. Their own passion for nature is only matched by their desire to help you enjoy your endeavors in the safest way possible. Relying on expert world authorities in survival and wilderness medicine, Adventure Medical Kits develops and refines their products to constantly give you the edge you need. Getting out there is one thing, but this brand focuses on the goal of bringing you back from your journey in a single piece. No matter what your sense of adventure involves, whether it be climbing, hiking, racing, skiing, hunting or fishing, remember that safety is key.

Adventure Medical Kits conjures all sorts of tools and packages to help you defy the odds and make every outing a success. They produce everything from survival packs to insect repellent to hemostatic agents in order to equip you with only the best gear so you can make it back to tell your story.

Redefining the way survival kits save the day, the Adventure Medical Kits Sol Origin fits in the palm of your hand, but packs more life saving power than you could possibly fathom. Nestled into a waterproof, indestructible package, the Origin includes everything you need to get out alive. A rescue reflector will signal help from over 20 miles away and the rescue whistle emits 100 decibels, which can be heard over a mile away so that search parties are able to pin point your location. The blade is primed for precision cutting and even has a guide light in case you run out of sun to work with. Along with a sewing needle, fire starter, fishing utensils and a compass are tons of other pieces that will increase your odds, including a pamphlet of 62+ survival techniques. Adventure Medical Kits has transformed the game with the Origin, which has been hailed as the most durable survival kit on the market.

As the only pack in the industry that is designed just for women, the Adventure Medical Kits Women’s Edition Outdoor Medical Kit has all the bonus material that ladies need to get things taken care of. Of course there are all the standard medications, blister care and wound dressing materials, but also included is everything outdoor minded ladies generally have floating around in their purses and packs anyway.

Adventure Medical Kits just has a knack for putting the right packages together to get you through all kinds of adversity. Their Sol Survival Water Bottle + Survival Kit Combo includes a stainless steel bottle with critical information printed on it, and a water-resistant bag has all the vital necessities to get you through some seriously sticky situations.

Helping you to enjoy the outdoors in the safest manner possible, Adventure Medical Kits will continue to innovate and develop new ways to bring you back from your outdoor endeavors in one piece.

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