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About Adidas

Led by a mission that they refuse to take their eye off of, Adidas strives to be the leading producer of snowboarding gear. Thanks to their laser like focus and passion for riding, it is no wonder that they are indeed at the forefront of the industry just as they dominate many other sports. Adidas Snowboarding will be the first one to admit that true performance is captured through dedication and an obsession for continuously making products better.

Adidas Snowboarding is led by a team of pro riders that are pushing the sport into a new era thanks to an unmatched enthusiasm for powder and stomping all the silly stuff. Riders like Forest Bailey, Jake Blauvelt, Helen Schettini, and Kazu Kokubo have all aligned with Adidas Snowboarding because they believe in the gear and desire to help make it even more awesome.

So what kind of snowboarding gear is taking the mountain by storm? Well, Adidas Men’s Pants are certifiably off the chain. The Adidas Multapor Pants never quit no matter how wicked the weather gets thanks to stellar materials and advanced technology that really enhance the waterproofing and breathability. Outerwear in general from Adidas is pretty beastly. The Adidas Women’s Dot & Haze Puffy Jacket not only looks legit, but it is impervious to both blizzards and yetis.

One of the things Adidas is most famous for is shoes, so it would only make sense that they create mountain kicks that are forging a legacy of their own. Adidas snowboard boots fuse your feet to your board to create an ultimate feel that lets you manhandle any feature the hill throws your way. The Adidas Jake Boot is a collection of all the most advanced features and materials combined with the classic style we have all come to recognize even if it is flipping and spinning off a 70 foot hit.

Everything that has made Adidas such a great brand has carried over to their snowboarding division. By continuously strengthening and improving their shred gear, Adidas has become a truly revolutionary force in the snowboarding world. The combination of leading athletes and a passion for progression makes Adidas Snowboarding gear a super solid choice for your snow sessions.

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