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About ABS

The backcountry is no place to mess around as deadly avalanches may strike at any time. Safety is never to be overlooked, because at any moment your life may depend upon the thoroughness of your preparation and the quality of your equipment. ABS uses their past as a source of knowledge and experience in order to give your future the greatest advantage. Burial prevention and avalanche survival is what ABS focuses on and they have taken the reigns atop the industry as the most efficient providers of backcountry safety gear. Providing every skier and snowboarder who ventures off piste with the most optimized emergency equipment is the goal of ABS. Their ongoing commitment to development and implementation of their findings in the field give you the best shot at always returning from every adventure.

It all began back in the 1970s when a German forest ranger got caught in an avalanche. His only reason for survival was attributed to the game he had hoisted on his shoulders, because his increased total mass kept him on the snow’s surface. Experiments with balloons and voluminous canisters soon followed and the concept for an avalanche airbag was formed.

By 1980, after a run-in with an avalanche of his own, Peter Aschauer acquired a patent for the product and founded ABS. His goal was to create a system that enables those caught in an avalanche to gain a substantial amount of volume in a matter of seconds that wouldn’t obstruct their ability to retain movement. Aschauer presented his first functional airbag system in 1985 at an ISPO exhibition to mixed reactions. Preventing burial in order to survive an avalanche had not been recognized to be the most crucial factor. But Peter never gave up as he continued enhancing ABS backpacks and spreading his knowledge of avalanche survival. After tirelessly promoting his product and avalanche safety, along with redesigning ABS backcountry gear several times, the mid nineties finally brought Aschauer the recognition and respect his work deserved.

Now, sold all over the world, ABS backpacks feature a two-bag system base unit with multiple zip-on attachments available. The Vario and Powder lines have compartments for quick access to your probe and shovel, while also including international emergency numbers on an SOS label. ABS backcountry gear boasts a 97% survival rate, which is the highest out of all comparable systems. By providing dynamic lift, maximum visibility and easy to use functionality, ABS backpacks have become a necessity for all those who dare to venture into avalanche territory.

The technology, engineering and experience poured into each of their products is unparalleled by any other. ABS burial prevention systems provide you with a way to fend of one of nature’s most sinister attacks.

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